My first blog..May 2009 be BEARY fine!!

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time but have been so busy I haven’t had time. I love to write–I was a journalism major at the University of Georgia and I use what I learned every day! So now it is a reality.

I am hoping that all my friends from Build-A-Bear Workshop (BABW) and (BABV) will read this as I intend to also include some of them as they have had a huge impact on me. Friends really do make a world of difference.

Since starting BABV I have been able to meet thousands (maybe millions) of new people and they have helped us make BABV and BABW even better! I get thousands of emails everyday filled with news about our Guests lives–school, sports, family and just “stuff.”  The best part is when they tell me about their visits to our stores and their furry friends. You are never too old for teddy bears that is for sure!

Before BABV I would just get emails. My friend Kayla in Canada wanted a store nearer to her and so we opened in Saskatoon and now we are really good friends. My friends Zach and Jenna were Huggable Heroes and we still stay in touch. My friend Tiffany from Miami goes to college now but she writes me from time to time. She loves college.

I am the luckiest person ever–I am the Chief Executive Bear of  Build-A-Bear Workshop. I founded the company in 1997 having been inspired by my best friend Katie who was 10 at that time. Today she is 22 and she still inspires me.  While I had a very detailed business plan, I could never have anticipated all the good things that have happened. Today we have over 400 stores world wide and growing.

Since we started BABV in December 2007 my life has changed for the better! Now I get to meet and “talk” to our Guests live in buildabearville and boy is that cool.  If I go on as my bear character Maxine Clark CEB, I give out gifts which is really fun but sometimes I go on as MaxineBearyLucky and I  get to play and have fun. I have a secret avatar too for when I just want to be anonymous and play.

When we created BABV we wanted it to be the BEST of all the interactive sites. That was no easy feat as there are some cool ones like Club Penguin and Webkinz. But what we had and they didn’t was loyal customers–in fact when we started BABV last year we had almost 60 million people who had made stuffed animals in our stores. That was a huge ready made audience and we reached out to them to ask for their help. That may have been the smartest thing we had ever done. From all over the world we had input on what kids liked and didn’t like about virtual play spaces  and we were able to use real input from kids and of course their parents too.  We did surveys and then had test groups and that helped us launch what I think is one of the best sites ever invented–ok, I am a little prejudiced 🙂 Today, many, many millions of our Guests play on BABV.

We have definitely embraced the power of  WE to make BABV #1 for kids and families. Everyday we continue to listen and add new features. While people who buy in our stores get the BEARY most out of play on BABV, anyone can play for FREE and it never expires.

Well, I could talk forever and I will add to this often. Now I have to finish cleaning my home office so I can keep at least one of my new year’s resolutions.

So Happy New Year. May 2009 bring the world Love.Hugs. Peace. Build-A-Bear Workshop style!


Maxine Clark

CEB Build-A-Bear Workshop

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53 Responses to “My first blog..May 2009 be BEARY fine!!”

  1. alyssagreempaw Says:

    wow that was the best blog in the world it gave me goosebumps because i can picture in my mind how you would sound. btw i have heard you talk on the babw commercial’s

  2. linda Says:

    I think BABV is the best site ever created too! It’s my most favorite game out of everything else that’s out there. That’s cool that you have a secret avatar. I wonder if I’ve seen it around. Thanks for making this blog. It’s fun to read. : )

  3. Hanna Says:

    Have a great New Year! Don’t know if this graphic will show, but here: [url=][img][/img][/url]

  4. kitten1462 Says:

    Hi Maxine! I LOVE BABV!

  5. jumbilo Says:

    Hi Maxine! This is YolandaArtistBear1!
    Just wanted to say I’ll be here ALOT, reading all your posts!

    You are SO amazing!
    Please email me back!!

    Your friend,

  6. jumbilo Says:

    By the way, Jumbilo is my club penguin name. =)
    Do you play club penguin?

  7. kayagirl59 Says:

    do know the obama girls usernames i want to add them

    • maxineclark Says:

      I don’t know if they play on BABV only that they have been to our stores in Chicago and have animals they made. I hope they do play on BABV but I don’t know if they do.

  8. kayagirl59 Says:

    can i add u

  9. AnnaSassy124 Says:

    Hi Maxine! It’s me – AnnaSassy124! You write so well! I know you might think you are a bad blogger – or maybe not – but you are doing really well! Besides – there is no such thing as a bad blogger. We all have our styles and personalities and moods and tones we write in.
    For those reading this comment from BGF, yes, I am HunnyABee. 🙂 Lol.

  10. jumbilo Says:

    Thats cool, Maxine! What was your username, if you don’t mind my asking?

  11. Freya Says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging! It’s beary exciting to see you blog! Have fun Maxine, Bearville rocks!

  12. CaraLove5 Says:

    Hi Miss Maxine!
    I have enjoyed doing my research on you and BABW and have been taking notes and I am happy to say that I am almost done with my report! Thanks for taking time and putting thought and love into what you do! I do know if people (myself included) realize how much time and work it does take to keep up and continue adding new and exciting things to BABV and BABW! You are doing great! I am looking foward to when I am old enough to work in a BABW! I think I speck for a lot of Build-A-Bear fans when I say Thank you Miss Maxine!

  13. CaraLove5 Says:

    speck not “speck”…. sorry about that!

  14. CaraLove5 Says:


  15. leopapatch2 Says:

    wow again…..I have an idea for new fashions how about overals? and maybe a baby top?

  16. JessieLoveable18 Says:

    Wow Maxine You are the BEST (not yelling lol)
    i soooooo want to be friends on babv and i soooo want to meet you in real life

    BTW for BGF users its JLBABV

  17. Jennifer Hunsinger Says:

    I do not know where you find the time to do this but I am so glad you do! I love reading what adventures Mama Bear is on! Have a GREAT day!

  18. GabbyFebruary Says:

    I LOVE BABV! Best site ever!

  19. Ali Says:

    Yay! I love blogs & I love BABW! I was super happy to hear you’ll be writing,Maxine!!
    I love your ideas & am so proud to work for BABW! 🙂 Best job out there. (Okay, I’m prejudiced too! Hah!)
    Can’t wait to read as you are on your adventure 😀

    Lots of love & hugs –
    Ali M.
    aka – KeelySuperstar2

  20. DaisyCityStyle Says:

    Oh wow! Hi Maxine! What is CP? I love your blog! Can you join my BABV site? ??? Thanks. I just love all the BABV updates, will there be any more this month?

  21. chelseaapril57 Says:

    he he he your right! CP you get reported and might get banned for you whole life and webkinz it expires and with a big screen mine got expired badly and i no longer play it because it got expired for a year 😦 so i came to BABV! but sadly i never gotten a bear 😦 so i got them from welcome passes it was pretty sad because when open chat was on long time ago people start making fun of me because i have no bear in BABV so i go a little jelous 😦 and my parents won’t let me buy a bear 😦 so now my friend in new york is going to buy me 3 bears! jack russel and lil chocolate cub and the floppy cow! but this is why my parents say no.they said its a waste of money and i have alergies but not anymore before i used to cough alot i think it was dust… sorry to talk to much he he he.

    hope you have a happy new Year Maxine! or should i call you Maxine Clark! oh ya many people say that your funny! he he he

  22. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    daisycitystyle ,cp means club penguin just to answer your question he he he:mrgreen:

  23. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    oh it didn’t work let me try this time lol :mrgreen:

  24. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    I love babv so much !!! It is so fun and cool.I mmake friends almost everyday! One time all my friends were on ,well my bff and ever in babv. So anyways I just chose a friend and then I realized they were in the same place all 6 of us. They are really perfect friends. So I introduced them to my other friends. So now we hang out time to time and take pictures and dance.speaking of friends,every time I see my friends in real life I sometimes say like pawsome or pawfect and they just laugh saying wow your a purrfict friend and we start laughing.well, it’s almost my birthday and I’m so exciting because I’m going to have a buildabear party at my local buildabear store.gosh,maxine ,you’re so fun to talk to,I can blah blah blah all day LOL so I will stop .I am soooooooooo happy you made your own blog

    Sweet hugs and kisses,


  25. jumbilo Says:

    Also, Maxine, check out my site!

  26. babvcutie72 Says:

    Hi Maxine!! Good luck on your blog!! I will try to go on it regularly, even though I have school. Wow, I fel like I am talking to a celebrity that is how famous you are!! I love BABV soooooooooooo much like Kitten1462, one of my many wordpress BFF’s! If you ever want to check out my blog, here it is:

    I am VickiFebrubeary on BABV by the way!! You are sooooo right about CP. I rarely go on it because I like BABV so much more!! Keep up the good work!!

    Your Bear Pal,

  27. Brooke Says:

    Hi Maxine! You did a great job with BABV! Thank you for joining BGF!

  28. missysuperstar6 Says:

    Hi Maxine hope your having a furbulous new year! I can’t wait for all new bears this year! I have about 40 bears and just can’t wait to get more!
    bye have a PAWSOME day

  29. CelineLove Says:

    Hey Maxine! I just finished reading your latest Blog. It was very interesting. I love dogs just as much as you do, uynfortunately do not look forward to having another one ever since my Husky’s death. But I have a husky furry friend, and it’s just as adorable as my pet. It just doesn’t pass away. I watched (and read) Marley adn Me. Marley is adorable, but like evry otehr dog, he eventually passes away. It was very depressing. I can’t wait to get a hold of the Jack Russel Terrier, if I can!
    Your friend,

  30. chelseaapril57 Says:

    BABV seems fun but the bad thing is the vruis is spreading and went to my computer its called anti vruis 😐

  31. ArielDiva49 Says:

    LOL I cant belive its maxine, I never knew she had a blog. I wish I knew sooner.

  32. Freya/Buildabearvilleblog Says:

    Hi Maxine,

    Welcome to the world of blogging! Warm welcome hugs to you and best wishes on your blog!

    Hint: If you click to go to your dashboard, then under the ‘Appearance’ drop down menu select ‘Extras’ then check the box that says ‘Hide related links….’ you’ll get rid of those advertisements at the end of your comments section. 😉

  33. abbeyrainbow12 Says:

    hi maxine!!!!!!!!!!! i deleting my old blog

  34. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    Maxine- I think that Build-a-bear workshop is really great. I know that when I make a bear, my spirits are lifted a great height. Thanks for making buildabear workshop a good-memory-filled place.

  35. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    blogging? I started my blog, about, 2 weeks ago?

  36. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    I saw Chloerocks yesterday! She is so cool!

  37. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    OMG. I see you on buildabearville right now! I recieved a pawsome shirt! Thanks so much, Maxine! Only, you are unresponcive!

  38. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    Maxine- Who is “Chloerocks” on buildabearville?

  39. CatieBearyCute8 (Shyan) Says:

    Maxine,Thank you so much for making a great experience for kids at Build-A-Bear Workshop,where best friends are made! I love Build-A-Bear Workshop, & I love making furry friends there! They are so cute and they really do make great best friends!!
    CatieBearyCute8 or Shyan

  40. leopapatch2 Says:

    Misses Maxime can you beary beary beary please come to my party today? At 8 o clock european time.

  41. Paige Says:


    That’s IS cool you have a secret avatar, so no one attacks you on BABV! Ha, ha! Maxine I love you, you are so special and sweet!

  42. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Hey Maxine!

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I think you’ll find that it’s easier than you think. I’ll be looking forward to reading more pawsome stories about you! You rock! hehe so does Chloe lol!


  43. JAMIEYOUROCK41 Says:


  44. Juliane Bubbles Says:

    Build a bearville is WAY BETTER than Webkinz and Club Penguin. You are a genius for making it!

  45. waddlepalace Says:

    Hi Maxine!
    You used to go on Club Penguin? I love club penguin! But I !LOVE LOVE LOVE! BABV! I love how you can take your furry friend around to stores! I have seen you on it twice. Maybe we could meet eachother on BABV sometime when you are not busy. My username is Kaylastar7.
    Kayla Bear. (and Carla,Jake,Katira,Liberty, and Max!) Phew! That’s a lot of furry friends! 🙂

  46. jaysmiley1 Says:

    hi maxine i have bin looking for you in Build-a-bearville, bay the way if your ever on there my name is JaySmiley1.

  47. samanthaxx Says:

    visit my blog for cool codes

  48. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Hey Maxine,

    I don’t think you have to worry about Club Penguin and Webkinz being better than BABV. BABV is so much more fun! Plus, it is absolutely free, with no expirations! I love that!
    I also love how BABW does all sorts of donation drives and cool programs, like Huggable Heroes. What a great company you founded! I am still amazed!
    Thanks for listening to and reading all of our ideas for Build-a-Bearville. When I first heard that the CEB of Build-a-Bear read and replied to guests’ email, I didn’t believe it. How many other companies have owners who read and reply to children’s ideas? I can’t name a single one. It’s amazing!

    Keep it up!


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