Today for me is officially the end of the holiday. I missed Meet the Press because I slept a little later than usual–well, a lot later as I am normally up and on my way at 6 AM. It felt good to snuggle in bed for a little extra zzzz’s.

While it is not official vacation time for me, I do look at the holiday as a somewhat quiet time and an opportunity to get caught up. Somehow every year the time flies by and it seems like the to do list is still long. I found time to play on buildabearville last night  (I am addicted)  and I met up with over 500 of my friends. It was really fun. Everyone loves my 2009 virtual tee shirt gift.

I also went to the Saint Louis University basketball game with my friend Jonathan and some other friends. Jonathan is a freshman at Iowa Wesleyan University and he got a 3.2 his first semester. He is impressive! I am so happy to have him as a friend. Oh, SLU won!

Today I got a second wind and convinced my sweetheart to come with me to the office and help me clean. Things had gotten so bad in my office my stuffed animals started to complain and we know it takes a lot to make a teddy bear grumpy! You see, I am a pack rat. I think it has gotten worse since the advent of the computer. Now I can print it out many times and put it in a folder or a stack. After 6 solid hours we were able to clear my desk and the back surround but it will take another full few days to get through my filing system. I LOVE TOTE BAGS and that is how I file. Totes are great ways to bring home your “homework” and bring it back to work and use that back as a file cabinet. Problem is, I am the only person who knows where anything is 🙂

Cleaning my office was like having Christmas all over again. I found things I hadn’t seen for years–my favorite pens, some calculators, and even some post it pads I had been missing. My new year’s resolution is to not get into the same bind again! Intellectually I know that clutter is not good! (I must repeat that 100 times  )

Today is the start of a new year business wise as the BABW fiscal calendar starts today. I am sure that as tough as things are in the world, the teddy bear will be the pawfect antidote. Our furry friends will be joining with the new President of the U.S. and all of our past and future Huggable Heroes to set a new standard for love.hugs.peace. For us it is in our DNA.  Afterall, we invented putting a heart in a teddy bear, the teddy bear invented hugs and together we will help spread the word encouraging peace for all.

At BABW we understand the pressure our Guests are under and we appreciate ALL of them including the parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles that make memories in our stores. We are continuing our More Cuddle. Less Cash theme into 2009 and we will continue to have more choices at $10 and $12. In fact, we have always had these important prices but we are making more choices at these price points so more people than ever can be within reach of a warm, fuzzy hug.  Bears, bunnies, puppies–yes, available at $10 or $12. Plus we will have more choices in clothing and accessories at just $5. AND on top of all of this our animals can brought to life for FREE in buildabearville.

In  it will be a busy January as we also have Pawlette Coufur’s inauguration as the Ambassador of Buildabearville. Since the Obama girls have been BABW Guests many times in Chicago, we hope they will be excited to also play on buildabearville when they are in the White House. After their school work of course!

I am off to Boston tomorrow afternoon for a meeting. I am going to have dinner with my friend Katie Burkhardt and her roomate, Jessica. I am excited to see their grown up apartment and of course give George (Katie’s beloved bear) a hug too.

Thats all for now…maybe I will be able to write from Boston.

Happy hugs,


76 Responses to “GETTING BACK IN THE GROOVE…2009 style”

  1. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    HI maxine this I DestinyGilrsRock10 we email back in forth awesome blog when will pawlette become imbasator?

    • maxineclark Says:

      Hi Destiny/Andi: Pawlette will be inaugurated on January 20th the same day as the President of the USA. She willbe a very collaborative leader and will make everyone feel welcome at BABV!

      Happy New Year and thanks for writing to me.


  2. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    do you mind if I post a link on BI to your blog?

  3. Michele C. Says:

    Hello, Maxine! I’m happy I followed Destiny’s link from BearvilleInsider to your fun blog (and even happier to know that someone with a messy desk can be so successful in business & in making people happy!) My daughter & I are daily visitors to BABV, and her furry friend collection has tripled since our first trip to the BABW in June with her girl scout troop. I can’t tell you the hours of pleasure she’s had with her real & virtual pets. And the staff at our nearest store (Tyler, TX btw) always treats her like visiting royalty whenever we visit, even if its just for one of the $5-or-less items you’ve been offering! So thank you for everything build-a-bear, and happy 2009! Looking forward to reading more of your blog,
    Michele C. (KatharineSparkleBear1 on BABV, Mom of KaycieFlyer)

  4. Kylieglamourbear8 Says:

    Hey Maxine! I would just like to say I love BABW and BABV! You are really inspirational and are a great role model! Keep up with the great work and cant wait to see what’s new in BABV!

    Bear Hugs,

  5. Muddy Says:

    So glad to hear you have a blog! Enjoyed reading your entries thus far. Enjoy your trip to Boston….

  6. SammySunshine Says:


    We have enjoyed spending the past year, especially the holidays, in BABV with you and our friends, furry and otherwise, and are looking forward to another grrreat year there! The North Pole will be missed, but we know there will be many more surprises to look forward to in the future.

    Hugs to you and everyone associated with BABW and BABV!!!

    SammySunshine 🙂

    P.S. Our prayers go out to our newly elected President, his family, our soldiers, their families, and world peace.

  7. kim wilson/alexawesome68 Says:

    Thanks for creatng your blog. I’ve always found BABW to be quite an innovative company. I’ve been so impressed with BABV and my 7 year old son loves it, too! I’m always interested in your new ideas and insights. We’ve been frequenters of Club Penguin and Webkinz, but really like BABV the best. I do believe you’ve taken the best of all the other sites and brought it all together with all of BABW’s special touches!

    i really had to write and say we visited the first Ridemakerz store this last week in Schaumburg, IL. While we have loved BABW for many years (even with my nieces long before my son was born), Ridemakerz was an incredible and new experience for us! My son, while he still loves his dogs and bears, has been carrying around his red-flamed mustang everywhere he goes! What a bearilliant (pn intended) idea!!! We intend to patronize both stores (and love that they are side by side), every time we need to make a trip to Woodfield! We’ve tried and my son really likes it. The functionality isn’t all there yet for him, but it has such wondeful potential. Thanks again for thinking of those of us who have growing boys (and girls, too) who still like bears, but really love their cars, too!

    I’ll be checking in from time to time. I just waned to say thank you for all you do! Happy New Year!


  8. RST Says:

    Hi Maxine!

    I think it’s pawsome that you’ve started a new blog. At the same time, I find it amazing you chose to add another thing to your already hectic schedule! I’ve never been much of a blog reader, but I do look very much forward to reading yours. I think your decision to continue offering an expanded collection of specially priced friends & clothing is bearilliant. This is certainly one of those times that everyone could use a cuddly friend.

    Have a safe trip to Boston and say hello to that little girl who helped give us Build-A-Bear Workshop. 🙂

  9. Anthony Says:

    Welcome to the Blog-O-Sphere Maxine! Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

  10. MelissaTeddyLuv9 Says:

    Hi maxine what will Pawlette actually do will she makae up new rules or what i am confused???

  11. Amy Smith Says:

    Dear Ms. Clark,

    I’d just like to say that you and your store have given my son (LiamSmiley2) many hours of happy time both playing with his bears in real life and on You’re right, it IS addictive! I have to get on and help him from time to time. 😉 We keep trying to run into you in BABV but haven’t been so lucky yet. We’ll keep trying in 2009. Happy New Year!

  12. CaliApril10 Says:

    I can’t wait till all the great things in 2009. What is your favorite part of 2008?

  13. KristinPurrincess7 Says:

    Hi Maxine! I didn’t know you had a blog! That’s pawsome! You can go on my blog any time! Please reply!

    Your friend,

  14. NancyMusicMaker3 Says:

    Hey, Maxine! It’s so nice to see that you are blogging. I love to write, too, so maybe I’ll be a-bloggin’ someday myself. It’s also nice to learn that we share, um, the interest in organization. 😉

    I will close by saying once again *THANKS* for everything that BABW and BABV stand for in these days of many challenges. Love is indeed the stuff inside, and the move love and hugs this world can muster, the better we all will be for it.

  15. NancyMusicMaker3 Says:

    ::blushing:: Uh, I meant to type “the more love and hugs …” Oh, it’s too early. lol

  16. linda Says:

    Happy New Year Maxine! I love the 2009 shirt too. I can’t wait until Pawlette’s Inauguration.

  17. kimberlyfriendsfurever8 Says:

    Maxine –

    My kids and I absolutely adore BABW and Buildabearville. We love to log on in the aftertoons after school. We love how you keep everything at BABV fresh and new. We are going to miss the North Pole when it is gone but we are looking forward to whatever comes in it’s place. We are also anxiously anticipating the Innauguration of Pawlette Coufur. That sounds exciting! My kids who have become Jr. Cyberguides have also cast their votes on how to decorate for the upcoming Sock Hop! As a parent, I want to thank you very much for creating a fun and safe environment for my children to play with their furry friends on and offline.

  18. MaddieVeryCute1 Says:

    hi maxine! this is maddieverycute1 here. i have emailed you a few times. i just wanted to give you a BIG thank you for all you have done for us on BABV. it rocks and i cannot wait to see the surprise 2009 holds. see you around! 🙂

  19. Hanna Says:

    Hey Maxine! Awesome blog! I tried blogging a while ago but I always get writers block =P

    I just got the Hugs Fur You Monkey and Lil’ Sweet Cream Bear, they’re coming in the mail soon. Can’t wait until I adopt them! I’m naming the Lil’ Sweet Cream Bear ‘Maxine’ after you-know-who! =)


    (Thanks for the Lightbulb Hat, BTW)

  20. AthenaAries4 Says:

    Have a wonderful visit in Boston! We’re from the Boston area and part of me makes me want to ask if you’ll be at a local store, but unfortunately, my kids are feeling under the weather, so it’s probably best if we don’t know and don’t miss you!

    You are an incredible business owner and you make so many kids feel amazingly special! We love it when you and Chloe show up to bless us all with gifts, but it’s even more exciting to me to see the personal email replies that you send to kids and families to share on the message boards, like 🙂 We never anticipated such a responsive and involved CEB and it is wonderful!

    Thank you for all that you do!
    AthenaAries4, mom to BreckFriendly, Julien2Hip45, and SebastienGamer on BABV

    • maxineclark Says:

      I am on community service business but I do intend to visit a store, just don’t know which one so you don’t have to feel guilty about missing me. I am flattered but we can meet some day in the not too distant future. Hope everyone feels better BEARY soon.

  21. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    I’ve been to bosten before I was like three but I was there LOL!

  22. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    give Gorege a hug for me 🙂 😆

  23. Andrew Says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog and thank you and Bob for the Holiday card that you sent. Just as you say in your book doing the little things for people make all the difference, and it really meant a lot to me to get a card from you….. Thanks again. After a rough start to the season business finished up really well here in the Mid-Atlantic with every store in our bearitory exceeding plan for the last two weeks and a lot of stores making the month. January is going to be great for us highlighted by the Inauguration as D.C is expecting more visitors then any time before. Trust me we will be ready to help all those visitors celebrate Obama’s election. Are you coming to Washington D.C to the Inauguration? If so we hope to see you  I looking forward to reading your blog in the future and have a great trip to Boston.

    • maxineclark Says:

      I will be in DC for the Inauguration and will visit all the stores. I cannnot wait! I am so excited about the new possibilities Obama brings to our country. See you BEARY soon.

  24. JenniferImcool3 Says:

    Hey Maxine! I’m sorry about the picture links trouble. By the way, I love the snazzy kitty! Great idea! I got one. I like your blog! I tried keeping one in the summer but my parents thought it wasn’t safe and it wasn’t very popular so I closed it. I also love the Coco cat bag ad the hello kitty scarf! I got tons of the hello kitty scarf but I didn’t have a chance to get the coco bag.

  25. MeganDecembear29 Says:

    Hey Maxine! I love BABV & BABW! Thanks & Hugs for eveything you do! Mind if we meet up on BABV one day and become friends? I’ve never seen you before. Well, Bye!


  26. bearfun Says:

    Mxine hi you went on my blog and left a comment and i want to thank you so much i must be the luckiest kid to have a comment from you!

  27. joey218 Says:

    sounds like your life is busy… but its all for the right cause im sure

    i can’t wait until new bear come out in babv …i just so excited !!!

    but i wish that i was on babv a long time ago….there were so many cool

    things in babv before…too bad i wasnt here 2 get any of the items :(…

    but it just keeps gettin better and i know the new yaer will mean new

    bears, items , and alot more fun…but its really good that there are more

    10 and 12 $ bears for those who cant afford the higher priced bears

    well…hope you had a great new year and make sure to keep me posted

    on all the new things happening in babv …

    Hugs, JoePizzazz (in babv)

    …sry about my other comment…that was a different account from a long time ago…lol

  28. pebblypooh Says:

    omg maxine, (if that is really u)
    i love buildabearville. please please can i make more buildabearville codes. for free things. please?

  29. bearfun Says:

    Hi Maxine on buildabearville there is a problem with the basement so i wondering if you can tell me what the problem is because alot of people are asking me on my blog do i know what the problem is and i say that it is a glitch or it is still on construction.Please reply

  30. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    hi maxine!! Im beary excited to meet you.I forgot, hello my name is alexandrasweetestpal1!!! You can call me sweet or alex fur short. Wow I love your blog!!thanks destiny fur the link

  31. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    I saw you on last gave out the 2009 shirts!!it’s pawsome LOL

  32. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    this is the best time of the year!! It’s almost my birthday and new stuff in babv .I love buildabears!! I actually have 23 buildabears. It’s pretty hard to choose which one to sleep with so I do it to newest to newest bear is polly .she is the hugs fur you monkey .my mom says we will get the chocolate cub and jack russel terrier on January 9.I can’t wait!!I pretty much go on babv everyday.

  33. KevinDude29 Says:

    Hello Maxine,
    Very interesting info. I see the Obama Girls will be playing on babv. That’s cool. Well nice talking to you. Never knew you had a wordpress blog hehe.

    Kevin 😉

  34. Erika Says:

    Maxine can you please tell everyone when you will be on next and have you checked out ?

  35. kayagirl59 Says:

    hi Maxine!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. juliabearfun21 Says:

    hi maxine i play buildbearville to cool blog 🙂

  37. chelseaadventure9 Says:

    Hi maxine

    Are you going to come to california soon? You must meet the employees at my local store. The people there are the nicest people ever and they love kids and you! I hope I might be able to see you sometime too! Hope to talk to you soon! 🙂 🙂

    Happy new year!!!

  38. Aaliyahgroovy4 Says:

    Hi Maxine! I am soo excited about the Obama girls!! I didn’t know that they played before?! LOL Umm.. I like this blog my the way!

    Happy New Year to you!!! 😀


    PS: I go back to school from Winter Break tomorrow!! I really don’t want to!!!! LOL

  39. sandyblossom Says:

    Hi, Maxine! Remember me? I emailed you and ask you to be friends! Its SandyArtistBear4.

  40. buzz bee Says:

    Hi Maxine,
    I work for one of your stores. I love BABW work style but over here the tension is building slowly. How are you feeling? Think New Year will bring more Luck!!! I hope so.

  41. maxineclark Says:

    I think things will be much better in 2009. We are getting used to a slower growth economy and teddy bears can handle just about anything! Retailing is never easy but when you sell smiles as we do, it is a whole lot more worthwhile.

    Thanks for all you do to make our company so special.

  42. sandyblossom Says:

    Maxine, you are a really nice person. I can’t believe I am talking to a celebrity! 😀

  43. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Dear Maxine,

    Great to see that you have a blog! Wow, It’s amazing how you fit all this into your schedule!
    By the way, do you visit the BABW stores scattered around the US very often? It’d be a privilege to meet you in person. 🙂

  44. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    LOL me too.i also appreciate the huggable heroes especially the month April or august I forgot but that girl who made bracelets and donated all the money to find a cure for autism just inspired’s very touching to see that someone cares and how nice they are just to do that.especially to me because I know a person who has autism.that’s why I got inspired.I think it’s also your b-day on autism month .that girl who was on the month January in the 2009 calender was very touching so my school is doing a funraiser to collect pop tops (the one from the can when you open your soda)and each top is 1 minute of khimotherapy.I am determined to raise lots of tops so we could save lots of kids. Right now my class and only my class raised 4000 + tops almost 5000. So anyways since I got inspired with that girl who was helping autistic children I decided to do that myself but a little different.intead of donating it to find a cure, I give them a buildabear.but I am still getting more money to buy one LOL I will tell you when I give them one

  45. leopapatch2 Says:

    Maxime, Thank you for everything can your email? Also can you come visit buildabearville more often in the European time? I have never seen you before only in the chloe rocks show but that is just recoreded and played over and over again……

  46. sugar_tum/ tully21/babybuttercup5 Says:

    maxzine i am a jr.cybear guide and i have a disscussion that i can make that can be in buildabear but here is the problem, the bulletin board where you but suggestions i click post subject but i have not post anything yet but i click the help button and send them a message and they said that theres so many ideas they had to wait and then look at them all ! but i jhave an idea and i will just give you the title and where it will be held. the title will be how do you feel today? and it will be at the libeary.

    thank you for reading it,
    i like your new website i think it is pawsome!


  47. leoniecocoa1 Says:

    hi maxine! thank-you for the light bulb hat, i have a problem i lost my birth certificate what should i do?

  48. 126thesite Says:

    I am glad you stared this blog, really awesome

  49. jumbilo Says:

    Hi! Could you add ZachHuggableHero to my friend list? I accidentally deleted him.
    (my user is yolandaartistbear1 ;))

    (i emailed u)

  50. I Says:

    Hi! I found this off a link on another website, and I was like, OH. MY. GOD. I didn’t know you had a BLOG! You’re an inspiration to a lot of people, you know. Well, you probably do, but I’d like to remind you 🙂

  51. kayagirl59 Says:


  52. briannahoneyday Says:

    hi maxine this is Brianna.
    I never met you in babv, but I met ChloeRocks!

    When did ChloeRocks started BABV? She suddenly came up when BABV started.

    and its so nice that we have chloe and bearemy!

  53. chelseaapril57 Says:

    i never saw u maxine in BABW in Vancouver in metropolis i go to BABW and just see the bears my mom does not let me buy bears and it just makes me sad 😦

  54. ArielDiva49 Says:

    Well, anyways I cant wait til’ build a buissness, it sounds really cool. I am not one of those people who get all excited about celebs and sutff.
    But I wish there was a red carpet on BABV and every special guest walked through and gave out gifts, that’d be awsome. Well bye!

    P.S Is there anytime we can ever go to your cub condo? We know your busy and I have seen it and when its been updated, you have a pretyy condo………better than mine though. My cub condo is a hotel and I saw most of you accept the kitchen and padio. Alot of ppeople had the same look as your condo.

  55. Freya/Buildabearvilleblog Says:

    Hi there! I’m delighted to hear about your visit with Katie and her roomie. I was wondering what she was up to since your shopping trip for beanies and inspiration to start up BABW!

    This is a great blog – good reading. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us :LOL:

    • maxineclark Says:

      Katie was 10 when we started BABW and she graduated from college this past June. She is now a consultant in Boston. All grown up. She brought her boyfriend home for christmas and I like him a lot.

  56. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    Is she your friend or your daughter or something? You both seem very close.

  57. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    (I mean, Katie, your friend)

  58. ChelseaAdventure9 Says:

    Will you be able post when and where you are in California. Come to Southern CA. The people that work at the BABW where I live are so so so so nice to all the kids. I hope you will come to that buildabearworkshop!!!! I can’t wipe the smile off my face when I go in there. I will email you with ideas and where the best BABW is. 🙂

  59. ChelseaAdventure9 Says:

    That is so cool that you get to be a person that hands out stuff on BABV. I would love to give the people free stuff.

  60. ChelseaAdventure9 Says:

    That is so cool that you get to be a person that hands out stuff on BABV. I would love to give the people free stuff. I love to see people smile

  61. BibiBeachBear Says:

    Hi Maxine!
    I am soo soo sorry!!!! When I saw you Saturday night in BearBlvd I was trying to ask you to be my friend, and I pushed the wrong button*********** embarrassed********** I couldn’t click on you to get the list up, so I tried to say, I am adding you as a friend! But then it wasn’t there so I just pushed any button to get out before you left. And I pushed………………… I am in charge of the show! OOPS!!!!!!! Hope you didn’t see that! But, in case you did, I did not mean to say that. Ok, Next time I see you I will try again and hopefully push the right button. My friends and I saw you on Friday and Saturday. It was really cool. And you are so right this is very addicting!! P.S. Love your dog!!
    See you soon!

  62. Brook Says:

    Hi Maixne !

  63. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Hey Maxine!

    I have no doubt that Pawlette will be a great Ambassador of Build-a-Bearville, but I’m not sure exactly what she’ll be doing. I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out. Will she make laws? Like “No driving your hoverboard inside your Cub Condo”? No I’m just kidding 😉 I’m looking forward to her inauguration (hope i spelled that right)!!! Only two more days!

    ~Michael 🙂

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