I love Boston. The history, the beautiful old buildings, the modern skyscrapers and of course the seafood. I am just here for one night and so far, so good. Not much traffic at the airport and it isn’t too cold.

Had dinner with Katie and met her roomate  Jessica  and gave George a big hug. He seemed pretty happy to see me actually. He looks good for being 22 years old. A little bare around the edges but still  soft and cuddly like all teddies should be.

Katie, Geroge and Jess have a great apartment near Beacon Hill and we went to a local restaurant. Hard to imagine that Katie is all grown up, has a boyfriend, her own apartment, a really good job and is an adult person. Best of all she is still my friend.

I appreciate all the readers of my blog and the nice comments. It is my first try at this and it is easier than I thought.  I just want to clarify that all I know is the Obama girls have furry friends from BABW. I do not know if they play on BABV but I hope so.  I am sure they are beary busy right now getting used to their new school.  I speak for all of us on BABV, we wish them well and much success in their new home and school. They seem very friendly so I am sure they will have many friends. I bet their friends from Chicago will get to come to the White House for a sleepover. That would be sooooo much fun.

I am in Boston for community work that I do. I am passionate about public education and I spend alot of my free time trying to help improve the urban  public schools in St. Louis, Missouri where I live. I loved school and I want everyone to have a positive school lifeas I did.  I am in Boston to see a charter school–Codman Academy. It is reportedly one of the best urban charters in the US and it has improved the future for hundreds of kids since it started. I am excited to see it in action! It has a great culture of high expectations for its students and a plan to help them achieve their full potential. Isn’t that what it is all about?

I was very fortunate to have GREAT teachers who helped me be all I can be. For those of you reading my blog and still in school I know that sometimes we don’t like all the subjects we have to take. I can hear you now–“Why do we have to study THAT?? I’ll never use it.” Trust me you will use it! In fact , it is the things you really don’t think matter that will be what you will remember later. Listen and learn now so when you are remembering later you will say to yourself, “I am so glad I listened in that class,” rather than “I wish I had paid attention back in that class.”

I agree that not all teachers are the best presenters and sometimes class can be boring but what can YOU do to help that teacher be better? Can you have more positive impact in your classroom and on your fellow classmates? I SAY YES!! Teachers would all be better if they could dedicate more class time to teaching and interactive learning than to administrative stuff. Be sure you are part of what makes the class work right so your teacher can do the best job possible. (This goes for students and parents) Also do your homework and keep searching fo something that interests you in the stuff you think is boring. It will pay off in the long run. I had a great 5th grade teacher, Mr Vazquez. While he taught us all subjects, he loved science and I hated it. Well, at least I thought I did. Mr. Vasquez challenged my thinking and taught me to see what science is really all about–not just beakers, a chemicals but what it is REALLY about–problem solving. By the 6th grade I was a passionate science student and today a very good problem solver! Thank you Mr. Vasquez!!! I owe you big time.

That brings me to another point.  Teachers are undervalued in our society and they should not be!! Tell a teacher today or tomorrow thank you for helping you, for teaching you something new, for having faith in you. Teachers don’t teach for the money, we all know that. They do teach to help us be better than we even think we can be and for that they deserve our thanks and support.

While BABV is about fun it will also be about learning and being good citizens and even being an entrepreneur. Soon our citizens can own their own businesses and see what it is like being an “owner” just like I am. Maybe, just maybe,  creating a virtual business in BABV will inspire many great business leaders for the future that will help our real economy grow. I can’t wait to launch our new Build-A-Business game in BABV. Stay tuned for details in the coming months.

Thanks again, for encouraging me to keep writing and to keep making teddy bears.

Hugs from Boston,

Maxine Clark


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35 Responses to “BLOGGING FROM BOSTON”

  1. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Hey Maxine!

    Hope you are enjoying Boston! Have a great time with Katie and George!


  2. ScottG Says:

    Patti and I were in Boston at the same time – we talked about how cool it would have been to be able to see you. Glad you had a good time and I agree that Boston is such a “cool” place and I really do love the seafood also.

    Your love and dedication to supporting education is truly a noble mission. I recently read the book by Greg Mortenson: Three Cups of Tea – One Man’s Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations…One School at a Time. I thought of you often as a I read about the amazing impact one person can have on the world when they pursue their passion.

    Hope the remainder of your trip is fun, productive and safe.

  3. Jerrica Says:

    Thanks for writing!
    I’m JerricaZoom6 on BuildABearville hope to see you soon on BuilABearville!

  4. Rhyleigh Marshanke Says:

    Today I am decorating cookies in school.

  5. jumbilo Says:

    Cool! If the obama girls do sign up for BABV, will they get a special character and will they be like Shea Meagle? Or will their character just be like our characters?

  6. Josie Says:

    It is so nice that you are doing this! As a very loyal shopper, I truly appreciate all that you do for the children of the world!

    Thank you!

  7. scott7ace Says:

    Keep up the great posts! Safe travels 🙂

  8. Michelle Says:

    you inspire me so much! i cant thank you enough. it is true, the little things mean the most, sometimes we even take them for granted, thinking that they’re worthless and when time comes, we realize its worth.

    i love your blog!! how do you do it, maxine? your the ceo of the biggest and the most popular bear chain, you do a lot of community work (i do too!!), you log on to babv almost everyday (i always keep track!!) and now you have a blog! i’m pretty sure you have a lot of other things on your table but i gotta say this – you are one very amazing woman!

  9. PamelaApril14 Says:

    I’m so glad Obama won.

  10. leopapatch2 Says:

    Wow I love boston I was born there ..p.s. I LOVE YOU CREATER OF BUILDABEAR plus here is a comment when can we have normal chat again?

  11. Lynnie Says:

    Is she the same katie that helped you come up with the idea for buildabear?

  12. linda Says:

    I hope you’re having fun in Boston!

    Will we be able to have our own stores in babv? I hope so. That would be really cool! 😀

  13. KristinPurrincess7 Says:

    Hi Maxine! Yeah, if they do sign up to BABV, will they be special people?

  14. 126thesite Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you went to boston, I always wanted to go there.
    I think the bussiness will be a fine idea.

  15. jumbilo Says:

    Yeah, Linda, maybe we could sell our items to other people? Maybe like yard sales? Or maybe there could be a donation center!! LOL!

    Also, maybe we could trade bears.

  16. Joli Says:

    wow thats so pawsome. i was just posting my ideas for babv on bgf when i found out you had a blog Maxine! thanks so much for letting us know about the jobs. i wish we had jobs right and dont have to wait! 😀 this is my favorite place on the net! right after BABV and BGF and Buidabear 😀 happy new year!!

  17. JenniferImcool3 Says:

    Hi Maxine! Great idea about a Build-A-Business. Boston must be interesting! I’ll keeping giving feedback to all the helpers and such and thanks for making babv all it can be!

  18. Danica Says:

    wow this is such a good blog i really belive that babv is the best site ever! i love my teachers too! my faovirte teacher is Mr Gi and he’s an science teacher too! way to go maxine!

    joli you are like me!!! i found about maxine’s blog on BGF too! this is pawsome isn’t it? i love BGF and BABV too!! i think they are the coolest sites everywere and maxine is the best mama bear!

  19. Sharon Says:

    Hi Maxine! I’m so glad that you started a blog and that someone else talks about bears as much as I do! I used to work at one of your stores and it was the most magical experience ever. I’m so glad that I can stay in touch with BABW through your blog. I find your story very inspiring and am currently trying to start my own tiny business in real life! Can’t wait for the BABV version!

  20. jesssprinkles4 Says:

    Hi maxine! your blog is amazing! Biuld-a-business, CANT WAIT!!!

  21. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    Hi MAxine you know I have a cosin who is in bosten named katie isabel hmmmmmm well anyway did you know my mom is a teacher she has a masters degree in teaching and she’s my teacher I’m homeschooled so it’s nice to have more atesion is school 🙂

  22. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    the Build-A-Business game sounds so cool but will real citizans of BABV get to go there or will it be a regular ame like bear hugs? eithere way that sounds like my kind of game my dad always says I’m going to be the future C.E.O of some big company IDK whay but it’s sounds cool isn’t that what you are well a C.E.B (cheif exsecutar bear)

  23. Ali Says:

    WOW – Build A Business… what a cool idea 🙂
    Looking forward to that cool, new, exciting thing in BABV!!!
    Ali M.
    aka- Keelysuperstar2

  24. bearfun Says:

    Hi Maxine its bearfun you went on my blog i have three people and there names are maxine clark on my blog because it is a babv blog but i dont know if it is you or someone else so can you please check on my blog again and see the people who are doing this.

  25. bentomama Says:

    Boston is such a wonderful place to visit!

    We’re looking forward to all of the new and exciting things in store for BABV!

  26. chelseaapril57 Says:


  27. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    That is so pawsome I am so excided will we be able to hire other member of BABV right now I am starting out my bisnuess please for what to make I have a lot of ideas 🙂

  28. destinygirlsrock10 Says:


  29. Freya/Buildabearvilleblog Says:

    Great idea about the Build-A-Business game! The ideas our Bearville citizens come up with to earn bear bills never ceases to amaze me. I’ve seen cub condos turned into hotels, bed & breakfasts, spas, restaurants and even a pet care center! This should be really fun.

    Thanks for all you do for the kids, the game and in your community service endeavors!

    (It’s great to hear about Katie being all grown up and how you’re still friends too)

  30. leopapatch2 Says:

    Maxime…I feel like life is empty sometimes but in buildabear I feel happy I wanteed to ask you when you where going to visit? I really want to meet you

  31. bearfun Says:

    Yeah Maxine I would love to meet you in buildabearville also!

  32. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    I think the Build-a-Business sounds bearrific!!! I hope that it helps us earn extra bear bills quick because I can never seem to save up to my goal 😉
    lol I’ve never had a real teacher because I’m homeschooled so I basically do things on my own. Oh well, I’m going to school next year so maybe I’ll like it better.

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