Today was half a work day and half a chill day. I had an IT touchbase in the AM and then lunch with Tina, our Chief Financial Bear and then did some errands. Tonight I met with a friend who is in town for some meetings and who I work with closely in public education. While he no longer lives in St. Louis, he is very connected here and returns often to support our urban school issues.

While he was over for dinner we were watching the AZ Cardinals play NC in the NFL playoffs and I was excited for the Cardinals. Not because I have any love lost for Bill Bidwell who took our beloved Cardinals to AZ a while back but because I have love and respect for Kurt Warner. Kurt is an amazing man who has a strong belief system rooted in God and doing the right thing. I am sure that ALL of us in St. Louis hope he wins the Super Bowl.

A few years ago after a difficult season and some injuries followed his Super Bowl win for the St. Louis Rams, Kurt was traded. St. Louisans were devasted because while Kurt’s injuries may have been a deficit in some ways, he was a team leader.  Missouri is the Show Me State and Kurt certainly showed us what a leader really is.   His sportsmanlike demeanor never allowed him to complain or place blame. If you ran into Kurt at the grocery store or at the gas station he would stop to say hi and sign autographs. His fans gave him energy and in turn he gave back his smile and his heart. He loved St. Louis and St. Louis loved him but in football it is about winning isn’t it???

When Kurt left, a spirit left the team that has yet to be replaced. Kurt returns from time to time to continue his local charitable efforts and to remind us that real leaders don’t give up–they keep on giving and trying and doing their best for a larger good, a legacy that will be remembered long after the last ball is thrown for a TD. It’s about training harder,  knowing what you don’t know and finding out–working harder but always being appreciative of what you have and helping others to reach their full potential. Being the team quarterback for your team, your class, your church group or whataver you may lead. Being Kurt so to speak. Kurt already has a Super Bowl ring . He doesn’t need another but he knows his long beleagured team mates need it. It will change how everyone looks at the AZ Cardinals. More important, it will change how the AZ Cardinals look at themselves.Who better to help them get there than Kurt.

I read an article recently (12/15)  in the New Yorker written by Malcolm Gladwell who compared the training and selecting of quarterbacks to the training and selecting of teachers. The gist of the article is that not all successful college quarterbacks will be successful in the NFL and neither will all newly minted teachers be able to teach. Why isn’t the same rigor applied to hiring teachers as is used in drafting NFL quarterbacks? Isn’t the education of children at least as important has having a winning quarterback? I vote yes but I would qualify–it must be a teacher like Kurt Warner–one who knows how to handle the ups and downs and doesn’t moan about what tools they don’t have  or that other teachers make more. A teacher that takes accountability for their actions and has an intellectual curiosity to be the BEST teacher, classroom quarterback if you will, that they can be. There are a lot of similarities to be sure. The world needs more Kurt Warners–be they teachers, parents, community volunteers, lawyers, doctors or quarterbacks. It means someone who puts others (like the classroom children) before themselves and NEVER GIVES UP!

Kurt, thanks for being who you are. St. Louis is proud to know you. We will be cheering for you to win the Super Bowl and I won’t give up on public education here in St. Louis. I will be Kurt for our urban children.



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  1. jumbilo Says:

    Aww! Thats so sweet, Maxine!

  2. Michelle Says:

    …and i will be kurt for my store!

  3. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    that is so sweet

  4. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    That’s SUPER sweet!! 🙂 thanks for addind me as a friend maxine!!! You were on yesterday on maxine ceb.I know the honey shake code but when I put it in, it turned to this emoticon with this brown dog and big eyes. I really want to have that move but I can’t . Was that a glitch maxine?

  5. linda Says:

    That is sweet. I hope they win the Super Bowl.

    Maxine, I see you in babv right now!! in case you don’t see me, Hi! lol

  6. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    I know I see you too thanks fur adding me as a friend

  7. Bill Crayton Says:

    Hi Maxine! What an great article drawing the comparison between Kurt’s experience, attitude, and leadership with the needs in our public schools. I have followed Kurt’s career since he “broke into” the NFL. We could certainly use more leaders that exhibit Kurt’s humble style of dignified leadership.

  8. tweety9102 Says:

    LOL! I have my own blog! Remeber ArielDiva49? I am her. I have a wordpress now, go to its my blog………

  9. kimberlyfriendsfurever8 Says:

    We are big Kurt Warner fans at our house. My husband and I have season ticket to the Rams Games. Kurt warner brought such excitement to the Rams. There was an indescribable energy that vibrated through the dome every Sunday! We were saddened when they let Kurt go. The Rams have not been the same since he left. We will be rooting for Kurt Warner to win another Superbowl Championship even if it is with the “Arizona Cardinals”! Go Kurt Warner ! We will be rooting for you!

  10. Jeff Rosinek Says:


    Loved the blog. As a former teacher, I appreciated the following passage. “A teacher that takes accountability for their actions and has an intellectual curiosity to be the BEST teacher, classroom quarterback if you will, that they can be. There are a lot of similarities to be sure.”

    Accountability is a major part of being an excellent teacher. It is a shame that there is too little accountability in public eduction today.

    A teacher must educate a student to the point that he/she is not needed for the student to continue to learn. A teachers job is to challenge the student to achieve the greatet possible intellectual success he/she can achieve at his/her level. Bringing a student to the apex of his/her learning, and stepping back and watching that sudent achieve, is so rewarding for the excellent teacher.

    To continue your blog, education is a team sport and the good accountable teacher is its outstanding quaterback.

  11. Muddy Says:

    We are NC Panther fans here in our house. We were sad to see them lose last night. Ah well….

  12. sarahbear371 Says:

    For my states Major League baseball team, they recently traded away me and my sister’s favorite player. We still have a couple really good players, but we were still really sad to see him have to go!

    I got a customized BABV mousepad from Zazzle for my birthday today!! I would post a picture but that might take up too much space. I also got the BABW Wii game! I am going to invite some friends over so we can play it together!

  13. Ali Myers Says:

    Hey Maxine! I am a Dalls Cowboys fan & I was pretty sad they didn’t move on. Then I was really wanting the Panthers to win because Deangelo Williams played for the University of Memphis (where I’m from!) & he is just amazing. But sadly, the panthers lost also!
    After reading your entry – I am DEFINITELY rooting for Kurt & his team. I will agree that the world needs more Kurt Warners & why not start with myself & my own attitude?
    So, thanks for the reminder that people are genuinely want to do good. Makes the day brighter!
    Ali M.
    aka- Keelysuperstar2

  14. writersspace Says:

    Wow! That was an amazing article! 🙂 I enjoyed reading it. Kurt sounds like a very wonderful man. Since I’m not into football, I’ve never really heard of him. His name does sound familiar though. Maybe at Church. 🙂

    When you say:
    ‘A teacher that takes accountability for their actions and has an intellectual curiosity to be the BEST teacher, classroom quarterback if you will, that they can be. There are a lot of similarities to be sure.’ I totally agree!! Though my mom is my teacher, I think all teachers in public schools, or any school for that matter, should really take that into account!!


  15. tweety9102 Says:

    guys, I live in NC! LOL! Well I have never heard of that name before.

  16. cali100 Says:

    I am CaliApril10 still, just to let you know. I like Kurt Warner, too!!!!! You should make a cardinal or ram animal for BABW. My family likes the 49ers too. Too bad they did not make it to the playoffs. Well at least they had a better year.

  17. scott7ace Says:

    Hi Maxine. My parents are huge Kurt Warner fans. So they are really pumped that he’s one game away from returning to the Super Bowl. Thanks for the great reflection of Kurt as a leader and how his example can help us all be better.

  18. jerricazoom Says:

    Wow, I love reading your stories in your blog!
    I saw you on BABV!

  19. leopapatch2 Says:

    when will you be next online Missy Maxime

  20. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    That is awesome! I just found out that they are going to the Super Bowl!!! Yeah!!!! I read that you have the wii game. Do you think it is very fun? I’ve heard mixed reports on it and I’m not sure if it would be worth the money. I’m sure you love it because it is your company and everything (who wouldn’t love it if they started it) but I just don’t know…

    Bear Hugs,

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