We made it to DC. The plane was full of people excited to be witnessing history. There were tons of kids as well as many St. Louis and IL government officials on our plane. Including U.S. Representative Jerry Costello and his wife Georgia. Jerry represents Southern Illinois.

Arriving in DC was a piece of cake. Not nearly as hectic as they projected–at least not yet. But it is soooo cold. The best part is everyone is so friendly.  No sooner did I get to the hotel check in when I saw one of our Huggable Heroes from 2007-Zach Bonner. Zach was in town for the inauguration and saw a bear that looked beary familiar only to find, I was at the same hotel. It was a hug fest to be sure. Zach’s great charity he founded is The Little Red Wagon Foundation and he continues to do PAWSOME good all over the USA. Just a few weeks ago Zach was even on Good Morning America.  His Mom was also with him in DC but not his bear, Kansas 😦 Good news is Kansas is at home in Tampa staying warm and getting ready for the Super Bowl!

We got settled and then went with friends to a local restaurant-Charlie Palmer’s On Constitution Avenue. Many of the Senators and representatives eat here but tonight it was filled with lots of regular people like us and stars like Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Tim McGraw. The food was delicious and afterwards the maitre d’ took us up to the roof for these great pictures. If we look cold–we were!

Maxine on top of the world...well, the DC world anyway!

Maxine on top of the world...well, the DC world anyway!

Maxine and Christina (Original member of Cub Advisors)

Maxine and Christina (Original member of Cub Advisors)

Sunday I have a meeting on public education and then off to a reception held by Russ Carnahan, our Representative from MO. We also get a backstage tour of the House. I can’t wait.

Stay tuned for more BEAR-acking news from the inauguration of our 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.


Maxine the Cub Reporter

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  1. KristinPurrincess7 Says:

    Hi Maxine! I’m glad you made it to Washington D.C. safely!

  2. 1littlespark Says:

    Wow, that is one heck of a photo spot! You have quite an impressive schedule on this trip! Try to stay warm and keep us posted Cub Reporter! (very cute lol)

  3. Nunthatya Says:

    thats cool! You looked like you were ready for winter! LOL! Luckily I have a warm jacket and gloves, brrrrrr……it must have been chilly yesterday morning, it was supposed to be like 12 degrees out! Were you there in the morning or late night? You looked a bit tired. Unless that was the wind. LOL! I wonder how cold it was. Well anyways I live down north a bit. Unless thats south, I get that mixed up. Well anyways I live downward. I live no where near canada or california. Hey have you ever been to NC? Or SC?

  4. j3m3r Says:

    Hi Maxine. Cubgratulations of getting to Washington D.C safely! Is the reason you went to Washington D.C is because Barak Obama invited you?

  5. cali100 Says:

    Hi Maxine! I hope you enjoy Washington D.C! I also like your new heading on top of the page! It is also cool how you met our next president!
    TTYL for now,

  6. jocelynrocks Says:

    Wow! It looks REALLY cold! Out here in California it’s kinda hot.
    Which is kinda odd for the month of January.
    It’s really cool how you met a Huggable Hero from the past! I always take one of my buildabear’s whenever I go on a road trip. Last time, we went with my cousins and we stayed the night. I took my HK in case I was able to go to BABW and because I cant make it without my pals. 🙂
    My cousin [6 years old, I think..] ADORED it! She wanted a bunny instead.

  7. Tristan2hip9 Says:

    That is awesome maxine, glad your safe

  8. alexandrasweetestpal1 Says:

    Wow!! It must be amazing up there!!! Glad your safe :mrgreen:

  9. PaigeRockStar64 Says:

    Pawsome Maxine! That is great!

  10. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Maxine, You are so lucky!!! What a great picture, with the Capitol in the background! I’m glad you made it safely and are enjoying yourself!
    I saw you and Jocelyn talking about how you take your build-a-bears to alot of places. I’ve taken my dimples teddy, Colin, to 12 different countries and 22 different states in the year and a half that I’ve owned him! (I think he likes traveling! Maybe I should’ve gotten a traveling teddy…)


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