Today was a busy day in the nation’s capital. I started with breakfast with two young men , Michael and Chris, who are starting an educational not-for-profit to help kids in under served communitiesachieve success in college. They are definitely onto something!

For lunch we went to a special reception that was held by House of Representatives member Russ Carnahan from Missouri. It was held in the Longworth Building of the House in the Agriculture Committee room which has a great view of DC. Here I am with the Mayor Frances Slay from St. Louis and The Hon. Russ Carnahan.

Representative Carnahan, Maxine & Mayor Slay

Representative Carnahan, Maxine & Mayor Slay

There were lots of people from Missouri there to share in the fun. We had a great gathering and then went on a behind the scenes tour of the Capital and we say where the Post Inuaural lunch will be held too.

Maxine and Honest Abe

Maxine and Honest Abe

The tour was really amazing because we actually went into the House Chamber. It looks a lot smaller in real life than it does when they show meetings from there. They use these voting cards so it is fairly high tech. We are lucky to live in such a great country and have such open access to our leaders. It was also great to see the art collection fro high school students around the USA on display in the tunne between the two chambers.

The only bad news was the tour was longer than expected and so we did not get to the concert. I did get to watch Kurt Warner win their divison title so he will be going to the Super Bowl–YEAH KURT!

Tonight we had a reception at the hotel that was held by Senator McCaskill and the Missouri Democratic party that was quite nice. Lots of people and happy, smiling faces. I was surprised to see how many people came so far to celebrate with our new President.

Signing off for now and will show more tomorrow.


Maxine the Cub Reporter

8 Responses to “BEAR-ACKING HISTORY DAY #2”

  1. ChelseaAdventure9 Says:

    Those pictures are so cool! I hope you are having so much fun. My friend is there too! That was his birthday gift. He gets to go to the inaugeration. ( i am sorry if I spelt it wrong.) Hope to talk more with you! I will hope to TTYL. 🙂

  2. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Wow that is so cool!!! You look like you are having a good time. I’ll be rooting for Kurt’s team at the Super Bowl! GO KURT!!!

  3. Tristan2hip9 Says:

    This is so cool Maxine

  4. Mark Logan Says:

    Thanks for all the updates. I’m so happy you’re getting to witness this great moment in history.

  5. jocelynrocks Says:

    Wow! That’s really cool. I hope I get to watch the inaguaration in school! =]

  6. shyboy01 Says:

    very cool! i’m going to watch the inaguaration on television tomorrow also.

  7. tweety9102 Says:

    I just hatched an idea! We can have it where people without bears can have a place to stay, they get to maybe live in an apartement where its just like the condos but more different, where it has stairs. Everyone without a bear could purchase a room for 50 bear bills and stay there and decorate to make it their way, anyone can visit it and have a party. It is just something that makes it fair to everyone, I see people without bears try to get into condos.

  8. kayagirl59 Says:

    nice blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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