In less than 12 hours America will have a new President and then the real work begins. If DC is any indication of the love .hugs.peace  that is about to start than the world will be a much more PAWSOME place.love_hugs_peace

We had a nother fun-filled day from lunch with the major state leaders like Russ Carnahan and Charlie Dooley and then off to the Native American Museum that was truly amazing.

Bob Fox, Maxine and Charlie Dooley

Bob Fox, Maxine and Charlie Dooley

Here is one of my friends, Gail with the native dancers who were all so beautiul.

Gail and the beautiful Native American dancers

Gail and the beautiful Native American dancers

We all walked beack to the hotel for a little R&R before the St. Louis event with the Black Caucus that was hosted by Mike and Steve Roberts at F t House at GW University and later at th Renaissance M Hotel.

Maxine, Gail, Alicia and Hazel--happy but cold!

Maxine, Gail, Alicia and Hazel--happy but cold!


Believe it or not I ran into another former Cub Advisory, Richie Gallant who now goes to Vanderbilt University. Here we are with his friends, The Roberts kids at the Black Caucus event.

Maxine and the Roberts Kids and Richie--former Cub Advisor

Maxine and the Roberts Kids and Richie--former Cub Advisor

I love that it is such a small world and when we all meet up a hug connects us. That’s what love.hugs.peace is all about!

We also saw our friends Jim and Susan Buford who just became grandparents to Jim III–another BABW Guest of cousre.

Mr. Buford, Maxine, Mr. Bond and Dr. Suggs

Mr. Buford, Maxine, Mr. Bond and Dr. Suggs


The BEST story of all though which gives me the most hope for the future is this: Bob and I were struggling to catch a cab when two ladies in an SUV stopped and offered us a ride. I would never do this under normal circumstances (nor would I suggest it to anyone either) but we were late and it was so crowded in DC. We get in the car and the two women, Marie and Shirley, guess what ? They were fromST. LOUIS and had driven over night to come to the inauguration. Now you are probably thinking everyone in DC must be from St. Louis but we know that isn’t true. The ladies were so wonderful and drove us all the way to our destination. We now have two new friends in St. Louis!

Tomorow is the big day, We have great seats–well not seats but places for our paws, in the purple section. We have to be there by 8 AM when the gates open. The event starts at 10:30 so we will be standing for a long time in the cold but it will be a day to remember. I will have my camera and my Kleenex as we witness an amazing day.

Hugs to all,

Maxine the  Cub Reporter

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7 Responses to “BEAR-ACKING History DAY #3”

  1. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    That’s cool! What a monumental time, and what a great opportunity! I wish I could be in DC. today. Oh well, I get to see Pawlette inaugurated 😉


  2. Muddy Says:

    Am enjoying reading about your daily adventures in Washington DC this week. Stay warm tomorrow! (er…today)

  3. linda Says:

    You’re lucky to have seen the Inaugural in person. We watched it on tv at school today.

  4. BillyBearhero18 Says:

    Yup us too! MAxine your lucky that is a GREAT PAWSOME EXPIRINCE I CRY !!!

    Stay Warm!
    I havent found Mr. Obama’s Site! HelP!?

    When is the PAwllet Inagurated Agian???

  5. JocelynRocks Says:

    Wow! You’re really lucky. I was dying to see the inauguration… only 2 people in our school got the signal from the web..:(

  6. tweety9102 Says:

    Maxine, your really lucky to be able to go the inaugaral and be CEB.

  7. megandecembear29 Says:

    Maxine, you are so wonderful. Such a great Role Model. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. Thanks and Hugs fro everything you do.

    P.S. I would’ve loved to sit in the purple section- i like purple. it’s the color of my favorite teddy bear, the Adoring Amethyst Bear. : )


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