I am back home now and the inauguration and the last celebratory activities were indeed memorable. Time flew by but it will indeed be a memory for a lifetime.

It was really fun to share the experience with so many friends old and new and also all of my readers. Thanks for sending your comments.

Inauguration Day itself started early and went late so I did not get a chance to update you all. It was a crazy start to a day to be sure. gates were scheduled to be opened at 9 AM then 8 AM and then for those that were really nervous, 7 AM. I had purple tickets so GREAT location. After waiting in line for over 2 hrs my group decided to just watch via television. Our hotel was close to the Capital and just headed back. It was worth it. No regrets–we got to see it PAWFECTLY on TV.


Maxine cuddled up with a crowd of thousands

I was quite moved by President Obama’s message and I agree, we all have to step up. This is a great call to action for our Huggable Heroes  to do even more than ever and I expect that our applications will soar this year as people are more aware than ever of the call to service.  Click here for more details :http://www.buildabear.com/aboutus/community/huggableheroes/default.aspxHere is a picture taken by my husband Bob.

Obama speaking and the upclose view

Obama speaking and the upclose view

After the ceremonies we all had lunch at the hotel and began to prepare for the Inaugural Balls. While we were having lunch at the hotel President and Mrs. Obama were in the Capital Rotunda having lunch much more formally. Sunday,  when we had our tour we saw the lunch tables being set. It was a great preview!

The Presidential banquet room before the event

The Presidential banquet room before the event

The Balls were mostly held at the Convention Center to save money and make it easier for The First Couple to visit. We went to the Midwestern Ball where Sheryl Crow performed and Barack and Michelle visited at around 11:30. Having met them before, we ducked out at about 11 PM . Pictures to come on the Ball 🙂

On Wednesday AM we left  DC to return home and begin the work the President has challenged us to do. I am energized and ready to go.I can’t help but think that all that we have done in the last few years–in fact the $20 + million we have donated to charities is just what our President is demanding, just MORE of it. Check our our new love.hugs.peace details and join the movement: http://www.buildabear.com/lovehugspeace/


Maxine the Cub Reporter

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  1. KevinDude29 Says:

    Very Cool! There must of been MANY people there. Barracks Speech was very good. BTW the new BABW site is PAWFECT! I made my pledge to recycle more often. 🙂


  2. jocelynrocks Says:

    Wow! Watching it on tv is better, instead being crowded like you were. People have no respect these days… Im glad you’re safe. You could of gotten hurt in that crowd. I read that it was the BIGGEST crowd EVER in the US..Maybe just for the inauguration..
    take care-

  3. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Wow! Lots of people. His speech was pretty good. By the way I made a pledge on Love.Hugs.Peace to walk or ride a bike instead of driving more often. I hope this turns out to be more successful than my New Year’s resolutions…;)

    Bear Hugs-

  4. leopapatch2 Says:

    Maxime, I am sorry to disturb you but Buildabearville the site is broken I kept on searching and searching the site does not exist any more I really love the game oh why does it not work!!!!

  5. Juliane Bubbles Says:

    Oh my! It must be really crowded for you! Well let me just introduce myself.

    Hello, I am Juliane or refer to the name JulianeBubbles. I am such the biggest, awesomest, hugest, bestest, #1 fan of you in the whole entire world! If I just met you, even seen you for 1 second in person, I will faint. YOU ARE MY IDOL! And I can’t believe that you came this far in your business and you succeeded! I hope we can get a chance together to meet each other on build a bearville or we can have a little chat. See ya later Maxine!

  6. lindacute25 Says:

    hi maxine i’m lindacute25 and i was wondering can u give me the sparkly purple dress and thanks for everything .u are a wonderful person and the almighty God bless u.

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