It’s been a week since I have written in my blog. It has been a busy week and I always wait for the PAWFECT inspiration. I love to write and I am comfortable with the written word but it always helps to have someone  or something inspire you.

After my trip to the inauguration I was very inspired by being an American and by all the wonderful people I met like Marie and Shirley.  The friendship and hopefulness was everywhere and I want to be sure I do my share to keep it coming. Lucky me I get inspiration on a daily basis—actually sometimes minute by minute from our Guests in our stores and on Buildabearville.com.  Maybe the best part of creating such a special company is the creativity it inspires in others. Everyday I am lucky enough to receive hundreds of ideas and suggestions to make our company and our special fun place, buildabearville, even better. I call them BEARY bright ideas and when received from a Guest on buildabearville.com I reward them with a virtual light bulb hat they can wear in BABV. This has become quite the status item.

It is all about the WE factor and how people can join together to have an even greater impact on the world. I call it 1+1=10! It is a magic formula—maybe not like Einstein’s E=mc2 but important to the well being of the world nonetheless. It is about partnership and free sharing of ideas to make something better and take the impact even farther. It’s what this country needs and what our world needs.

My inspiration just a few days ago was my friend on BABV, ZoeyGirlsRock327. Like me, she likes to read and she also likes to write. She wrote a book called Zoey and the Magical Bear and sent it to me to read. It is one of the best children’s books I have read and I have been smiling ever since. We have been emailing and I suggested she post the book on tikatok.com where so many kids have written books about their furry friends and my friend Sharon Kan, another person who inspires me, would help her get her book published….yes, printed and published. That is hard to do for anyone, let alone a child but it can all happen on http://www.buildabear.com/tikatok. You can see her first novel at:

Zoey and the Magical Bear    It is PAWSOME!!!

ZGR327 has become one of my special friends on buildabearville. While we have not met in person YET, we have exchanged emails and learned that we have a lot in common, like reading. She just finished reading Nancy Drew and  is now reading The Diary of Anne Frank and we were discussing how sad it is. I agree…very sad, but Anne inspired so many people by her beautiful writing in her diary.

Last April, I went to Amsterdam and visited the house where Anne was hidden and it is exactly as she describes it. After reading her book so many times I could probably have sketched it out blindfolded. After I read the book the first time when I was about 10, I started keeping a diary myself. It really mattered to me to be able to “talk to myself” about what was on my mind or in my heart. Sometimes when I was having a tough time at school or being a big sister I would just sit down and write out my feelings– it definitely made everything feel better 🙂  As I got older I jotted down my feelings about the world, my boyfriends, my job, my hopes and dreams…whatever was on my mind. Now that I think about it, I think that Anne Frank also inspired blogging which is basically a diary gone public. Anne would have loved blogging. She yearned to share her feelings with others to smile and sing and dance again in a free world. Instead she wrote to her hearts content so that others could someday better understand the hardships of war and the negative impact of bigotry and hatred.

Thanks Anne for being such a forward thinking young woman. The world wishes you were here but we appreciate all you have taught us about the power of the written word.

Maybe my friend Sharron Kan was inspired by Anne Frank too. I will have to ask her. She knows how important writing and creativity is and she has created a fabulous company and online phenomenon, Tikatok. Tikatok and BABW is a quintessential example of my 1+1=10 magic formula.  I was first introduced to Sharon by a mutual friend who teaches at Northwestern University. He had a feeling we would be great friends. We met and we instantly felt that we could work together to encourage children to read and write and to even be published authors. WOW!! Sharon has two daughters of her own and Leia is already a great writer and a great bear builder I might add!


For years people have been creating stories about their furry friends and sending them to me and asking could we publish them. Now with Tikatok I can send them there to write their story and even use our art and photos or they can draw and take their own photos and create a real book. Boy, I wish they had Tikatok when I was younger, it would have been my most fun thing to do.


A few weeks ago when ZGR327 wrote to me after making a furry friend at a BABW store she declared she wanted to work at BABW when she grew up. Last night after finishing her novel posting on tikatok, she declared, “I am going to be an author when I grow up.” I think an author who writes books about making bears would make us all BEARY happy!



P.S. Let me know what you think about ZoeyGirslRock327 book! let me know if you decide to write one too. The more books written by kids the better the world will be.

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37 Responses to “POWER TO THE WRITER!”

  1. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    I write so many books I’m working on BABV one I will email it to you when I’m finished

  2. sarahbear371 Says:

    I loved it! It was very sweet! And it was much longer than I expected it to be! But I still loved it! 😀

    I’m writing a paper for homeschooling about the life of a Build-a-Bear! It’s really hard though because I have to write all these little “decoration” words and clause openers and TONS of stuff like that!

    I just wanted to thank you, Maxine, for writing all this pawsome stuff on your blog, and also thank you SO much for founding BABW! It is so nice having something fun and safe to play with (or play on, when I’m talking about BABW!)!

  3. gabbyfebruary Says:

    Hi Everyone! Please visit my new Blog! I want you to comment and tell me what it needs. Hi Maxine! Would You Please comment on my blog and tell me what it needs? My Blog is http://www.gabbyfebruary.wordpress.com


  4. writersspace Says:

    Oh, that was a sweet book. 🙂 I think she did very well. Kudos to her!

    I’ve been writing books since I was 10. Little books, big books, poems [only when I am in the mood], short stories, series of books, etc.
    I’ve decided that I want to be an author when I grow up, so I’ve been focusing on that in my school. College isn’t so far away!

    Zoey should enter writing contests, if her parents will let her. I’ve entered a few and just this past November I was in the ‘National Novel Writing Month’ or commonly referred to as ‘NaNoWriMo’. I won, which means I got 50,000+ words in my novel before midnight on November 31. So, I also get my book sent to me free in a proof copy form, once I edit it and such. 🙂

    Writing is such a wonderful thing. Words are powerful. The written word is powerful.
    “Some books should be tasted
    some devoured,
    but only a few
    should be chewed and digested thoroughly.”

    I should start a BABV story and send it to you. 😉 But then again, I am sure you get TONS of stories sent to you. 🙂

  5. Muddy Says:

    Zoey’s story is great! I also appreciate the link to Tikatoc.

    When I was in 4th grade, 32 years ago, Our school librarian announced that if anyone wrote a story, she would help us “publish” it. I remember being inspired to go home and write a story or two that I could take to her for “publication”.

    The day came for me to go meet with the librarian with my stories. We worked together sewing the pages and attaching them in between cardboard covered with wallpaper. Some book binder tape was added to the outside edge and ta da, my two stories were now “published”.

    Her time and effort helping me with this left a lasting imprint on my life. (as I am sure Tikatoc will for the youngsters that use it. I still have my books in the attic after all these years!

  6. FrancescaAugust5 Says:

    Hello Maxine! I’m new to your site. Have any of you read the twilight series?? i’m on breaking dawn!

  7. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Zoey’s story is impressive. I am going to start a story on tikatok. I already have the theme planned out but still have to work through the details. (You’ll just have to wait and see) 🙂

    I also LOVE to read and write. I am homeschooled and have to do alot of writing for my curriculum. I don’t really like writing book reports for books, though, because analyzation and re-reading of books kind of ruins them for me. Oh well.

    I’ve been to Anne Frank’s house too. It’s pretty neat. How did you like Amsterdam? I used to go there every week when I lived in England.

    Thanks again for the lightbulb hat. It helps me think of more beary creative ideas for Build-a-bear workshop and Build-a-bearville.


  8. CaliApril10 Says:

    I love the story!
    By the way my grandpa is an author and I get all these cool ideas in my head sometimes and I write stories on BI and in real life. Maybe I can email you one of mine

  9. vanessafan101 Says:

    I’ve Read The Diary Of Anne Frank Well It Was A Little Book And I Seen The TV Series!

  10. AngelAdventureBear18 Says:

    I ooved it! Where can I write a book?

  11. AngelAdventureBear18 Says:

    I loved it! Where can I write a book?

  12. sandyartistbear4 Says:

    Hi, Maxine! I just wanted you to come to my blog. I just wanted to let you know if I my BABV blog is good or not. 😀

  13. sandyartistbear4 Says:

    Oh, that is pawsome! She is a great author. I am working on a BABV story soon, so I will post it in my BABV blog soon. 🙂

  14. linda Says:

    That’s a very good book.

    In 4th grade, I wrote a book in my Gifted and Talented class. When we got done making our books, we got to go to the elementary school and read it to the kindergartners. It was really cool. 🙂

  15. Valentina Strawberry4 Says:

    Maxine In school we are learning about Anne Frank.

  16. shyboy01 Says:

    very great story. she is a terrific or should i say Bearrific writer. 🙂

  17. tweety9102 Says:

    I have a pawsome idea for BABV! Ok An amusement park! That would b pawsome, a ferris wheel, rollar coasters, cotton candy, games, giant prices (like giant bears for your condo). You know like the carival but bigger, there could be an entrance where we buy tickets, then rollar costers, then games. Or something like that. I just want an amusemnet park. Some where to go and chill with friends. \

    Second I wish we had an Ice rink. We buy ice skates and skatee with our bears and play an Iceskating game and choose moves for each dance.

  18. tweety9102 Says:

    I wish I could meet you in real life, I bet that will never happen cuz I live in NC and your alll the way in MO. That’d be really cool.

  19. vanessafan101 Says:

    I Love Anne Frank I Think She’s Great!

  20. FrancescaAugust5 Says:

    great! that carnival was so much fun!!!!!

  21. jenniferyourock41 Says:

    wow it was a really great story she did great and alot of hardwork i hope

  22. Zoeygirlsrock327 Says:

    Wow. Thanks everyone!, its just that BABV/ BABW is really inportant to me so i decided to make a book out of it 🙂 and make some cherechters 🙂

  23. ZoeyGirlsRock327 Says:

    Aww! thanks maxine!, and of course i will keep writing! I’m working on two more books, :Zoey’s Jurnol real and Offical, And Zoey and the Magical Bear II!

  24. Janelle @ Brimful Curiosities Says:

    Tikatok and BABW such a great idea. Love to feature them on my brimful blog.

  25. linda Says:

    I wrote a book on tikatok! I’m not the best writer, but I hope you like it.

  26. Lindsey Says:

    Maxine… how do I read Zoey’s book without buying it?????

  27. puppygirl810 Says:

    Cool. Maxine i will send you one of my books. What is your E-mail?

  28. davidadventure174 Says:

    it is also my first time on your site maxineclark. and iread the AnneFrank book it was good in my opinion.

  29. TinaBraveGal5 Says:

    Hi, Maxine! I always wanted to meet you. I think Build-a-Bear Workshop is PAWSOME! My book : http://www.tikatok.com/view/book/life-with-rose-and-rossey

  30. AbbyAugust112 Says:

    I have written three for build a bear ville! Including a love hugs peace journal!!!

  31. AbbyAugust112 Says:

    http://www.tikatok.com/view/book/snowy-wants-a-puppy that is one of my books! I think it is my best book!

  32. aprilpeacebear27 Says:

    cool book

  33. christinebearycool9 Says:

    i love tikatok its so fun its great to make your own stories ive not finished my story i cant wait to see all of yours!

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