Birthdays have always been very special to me. Even though my kid birthdays were no where close to as lavish as they are today, they were always memorable. My Mom wasn’t much of a baker and grocery stores didn’t have fancy cakes back then but I always remember blowing out the candles and having chocolate cake. Maybe my Mom made it, maybe it was store bought, I don’t remember that part. I do remember, it was always good!

I fondly remember the gathering of friends. It was always a big deal deciding who to invite and as we got older, the number for a slumber party got even smaller. We also used to have celebrations in our neighborhood…. Our neighbors would all come for a BBQ or even just for cake. It was another opportunity to celebrate the simple things in life—a child’s birthday. My birthday was in March, March 6 to be exact, and so school was always in session and I remember counting the days with my friends and hoping for the perfect gift. Now many years later I don’t remember one single gift I got for a birthday. I know I got many over the years—clothes, money, maybe jewelry but the most treasured are the cards I would get from my Mom and Dad. My Mom was a card nut! She always wanted to have the perfect card for us… and I have all 22 of them—one for every year my Mom was on this earth with me. Every year I take them out and read them all over again. There was always a special sentiment written just for me by Hallmark 🙂 and then the words she wrote to inspire me and remind me how much I was loved and what she wished for me. As I read the cards, I reminisce just a little, often with tears in my eyes hoping that I have turned out to be the daughter in my Mom’s grand vision. By the way, thanks to my Mom I have become the card nut in the family and I have taught my husband the same habit. Rather than gifts we shower each other with the best cards we can find then hide them around the house and find them all day long.

This year is a very special birthday—my 60th. To some of my kid fans that will seem ancient.  How is that possible they might say because I am so much like them? I still feel 6 or 16 or 26.  Thanks to my parents and all of my friends and all the kids on who visit BABW and BABV who make me feel special, I still count the days and I am sure that the night before I will not be able to sleep. I don’t care about gifts anymore (well not nearly as much as I used to) though it is nice to get the cards and good wishes. In fact now, I prefer to celebrate my birthday by giving gifts to others. Last year on I got to give out gifts to all our Guests on March 6 and that got me thinking—how could I do more? This year to cele-bear-ate I have asked all my friends to join me in celebrating teachers and their classrooms by donating to because if it wasn’t for my teachers, all of them, I would not be where I am today. It is the least I can do to pass on the great learning legacy I received by sharing it with others.

My husband and I had talked about a big party and then decided that instead we would make a lead gift to and then challenge our friends to match it and get the amount up to $60,000 for teachers in honor of this special 60th birthday. With the tough economy, I may have to stretch it out further into the year to make the goal but I am still BEARY hopeful. Like many children in our urban schools today, I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. I have been able to achieve great success because of the outstanding teachers I had while in public school in Miami, Florida. Hopefully, this birthday gift will be the best ever because it will be shared by so many teachers and the children in their classrooms. Check out this link to see more details and feel free to add to the gift. No amount is too small! Every posted project is worth it.

We will still have my birthday celebration on only bigger and better than last year, after all, I am one year older! Thanks to all of our citizens of– we have been receiving suggestions for months now. I am sure it will be the biggest birthday party I have ever had. Another change—I no longer ask for birthday cake but instead birthday pie—APPLE PIE that is!! It is my absolute favorite and fortunately apples are pretty easy to find in March and some of my friends are very good bakers. That’s another reason why they call me MaxineBearyLucky!

Just 26 more days but who is counting 🙂

Hugs to all,
Maxine the Bear-thday Bear


  1. sarahbear371 Says:

    You’re so sweet, Maxine! The things you write always seem so smart and kind!

    I love birthdays, too. My brothers birthday is the day before yours! I saw you on your birthday last year on Build-a-Bearville!

    And we can donate to donorschoose by getting the $10 bear bills cards, right?

  2. TessaSweet [AKA Writersspace] Says:

    Oh, how very very sweet of you, Maxine! 🙂 Birthdays are so much fun, and what better than to give away to other people on your birthday? It shows such a humble and non-selfish personality!

    I just celebrated my 16th birthday not long ago.

    *hugs* Have a WONDERFUL birthday, Maxine! I know you will. I’m also counting the days. 😉

  3. Lindsay Jakul Says:

    YAY! How exciting for your big birthday! Mocha’s 1st birthday is today so she is having a doggy day at the park with her father.

    Love reading your blogs Maxine!

  4. vanessafan101 Says:

    Happy Bearthday Maxine!

  5. linda Says:

    That’s so kind Maxine. If I ever get a bearbills card I’ll donate $10 to your project.

    My birthday is August 12, so it either the week before school starts or during the first week of school. My half birthday is in three more days. lol 😀

  6. Tristan2hip9 Says:

    Maxine my Birthday was 2 days ago 🙂 Feb. 7 🙂 You are so nice and sweet maxine.

  7. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Hey Maxine! That is so cool what you are doing! I hope you have a bearrific bearthday! My birthday is August 18. haha Linda my half birthday is coming up too. 😀 I really hope I see you on your birthday this time. Last year at your birthday I missed you. Oh well…

    By the way, I got a game card and am going to donate at donorschoose. I got a hoverboard :). I still have to donate my ten bucks though…


    ps. 60 isn’t that old! you are only a couple of years older than my parents!

  8. vanessafan101 Says:

    I Got A Motor Scooter! And Linda My B-Day Is July 12th A Month Before Yours!

  9. JocelynRocks Says:

    That is really generous of you! I ❤ my birthday card my friend gave to me for my birthday-it included what you should do that day. I got ‘Call In sick for today!’. my first thought was TOO LATE! Lol
    I am soo psyched to see how you’re going to celebearate your birthday and share it with us! 😀

  10. Bibibeachbear Says:

    Happy Bearthday to you! In 26 days! Happy Bearthday to you! You will have the Best Birthday Ever, because you warm the hearts of so many!

    We just did our donations $60.00 to I love that idea my sister and I bought all the rides. Tee Hee. If you make more we will buy. But now we need the Frog and Lamb. Toooooooooo Cute!!!

    I love the David Song that will you gold for sure!!

    Remember when you come to Southern California go visit your best employees at store #249**** You will love them! We go to many of the Southern California stores and they are your Best!!

    P.S. If you love Apple Pie go to Apple Annies in Tulare Ca. They have the best pie. It is a very small town and no one will recongnize you! Tee Hee
    Thank you for all you do for all of us kids, We love you Maxine

  11. tweety9102 Says:

    your 60? I thought you were 20!

  12. waddlepalace Says:

    Happy 26 days early birthday! 🙂
    Thanks for being such a great friend!

  13. Tristan2hip9 Says:

    Yeah Maxine you look like your in your late 30’s

  14. gabbyfebruary Says:

    You are so nice Maxine! My birthday is tomorrow! I can’t wait! 😀

  15. gabbyfebruary Says:

    And wow… You look 30!

  16. ArielDiva49 Says:

    LOL, thats awsome, two days away from my birthdday………………..march 8th when I alot of times get money from my aunt.

  17. sandyartistbear4 Says:

    Happy Early Birthday, Maxine. 🙂

  18. sandyartistbear4 Says:

    And Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! 😀

  19. Freya/Buildabearvilleblog Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Maxine! I’m finally catching up on the blogs. This is grrrrreat to know…..I’ll help you reach your goal!

  20. Juliane Bubbles Says:

    I hope you have a happy b-day! I don’t really eat cake on my birthday, I usually eat something other than that.

  21. puppylove Says:

    Hello Maxine! I will buy a donors card and donate to your cause! (my mom ao I will buy one 🙂 )

  22. KevinDude29 Says:

    That’s great to hear that your birthday is coming Maxine! Happy Early Birthday!…heheh I’ll be wearing my party hat when I CU> 🙂


  23. virginiabearycute1 Says:

    Wow!Maxine you are so marvelous and full of careful about everything.I love the ways you bring smiles on to everyone you meet.Happy bearthday Maxine.
    Love Virginiabearycute1

  24. Eviepaw! Says:

    WOW! I really like what you and your family do with greeting cards! I can’t wait for you birthday party! I hope you have the best 60th birthday anyone has ever had! I happily donated $20 to 🙂 Good Luck On reaching the $60,000 goal! I hope to see you on March 6th in BABV! If i don’t then here is an early Happy Birthday! Happy 60TH Birthday Maxine Clark!!!

  25. Eviepaw! Says:

    Sorry The picture didn’t work hope one of these work!


  26. SaraFuzzyBear4 Says:

    Omigosh! That is soooooooooooooo sweet! I am planning on going to BuildABear for my birthday. My B-day is June 5th. I hope I will be able to CU on my B-day! I am so excited for what you are doing on BuildABearVille for your Birthday! By the way my new username is MaddyGuitarHero but I do use my SaraFuzzyBear4 profile for extra uses. so I hope 2 CU!

  27. Ash Says:

    Hi Maxine! I replied to you on my friends and I’s website 😀
    Happy Bearthday Bear girl 😉

  28. mandy Says:

    HAppy birthday maxine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope my deisgn wins for ur cub condo decoreation!!, because im making it very special!! love hugs and peace!!!!!!

  29. hayli2hip330 Says:

    Have a great 60th birthday.We are all looking for the big day to see what you will do on buildabear on that special day. You have made the site so much fun to go on and look forward to it every day ! I just hope that some day I will see you on there . God bless you in all you do

  30. Erika Says:

    Hi,I will be there i hope you have a beary happy bearthday

  31. Hannah Says:


    Have a bearffic bearthday!!

    from ME!!! xD

  32. alyluv73 Says:

    happy birthday 🙂

  33. SelenaSkater28 Says:

    Hey Maxine!!!! I hope you have a PAWSOME b-day!!!!!! It will be like a holiday for BABW!!!! LOL BTW happy early b-day!!!!!!! I will try to make a special song fur you! That’ll be my present to you. I did say try. LOL

    Bear Hugs,
    Selena ❤

  34. Ciara Says:

    that is verey sweet of you maxine i have a motor scooter i am going to get a hoverboard when it si your birthday you do not look 60 you look 30 years yonger i hope you celebrate your birthday like you have never before happy birthday yay!!!!!

  35. Ciara Says:

    maxine clark i am very happy for you what kind of cake do you eat

  36. AngelAdventureBear18 Says:

    Happy Happy Bearthday to you!

  37. Eleanor Says:

    My Birthday is the same as yours Maxine. It is March 6th.

  38. ArielDiva49 Says:

    I just got a beaific idea! We could have all the people in BABV who sell, help, or anything in babv in bear form, including chloerocks to have a condo somewhere in BABV. Say maybe bearemy could be beside your condo. Pawlette could be farther down the road from the cub condos. Ted the tailor could be near pawlette, chloerocks could be beside bearemy. . Or they could all be on that road behind the cub condos.

  39. ArielDiva49 Says:

    I wish there was day and night also, that means we could go to our condos while its night and have sleepovers. Although I wish our condos looked like maxines condo because in her rooms it doesnt show grass and stuff and you get curtains and plus we cant buy curtains and we cant change windows or doors or moldings.

  40. KristiSummerFun Says:

    WOW!! I loved your blog maxine and i’m beary excited for your party i know it will be a blast because your soo much of a blast of furry fun!!!!

  41. SkylarSuperstar25 Says:

    Hey maxine can’t wait for ur party IT WILL BE FURRY FUNTASTIC LLOL!!! My birthday is in a few days February 23 and i’m turning 13 and i’m very excited! Have a funtastic bday!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀

  42. KristiSummerFUn Says:

    Yo maxine have a pawsome bday!!

  43. pamelaandabbey Says:

    You are pawsome, Maxine. Yeah, it would be cool if we could buy curtains and have more a house than a condo like Maxine. I submitted a design and the statue of Bearemy is cool!☻ Visit our blog everyone:

  44. haileygirl66 Says:

    have a beary pawsome bearthday maxine!

  45. Willpn Says:

    your awesome!
    i have over 100 babws

  46. tweety9102 Says:

    ummmmmmmmm, Maxine, you there?

  47. tweety9102 Says:

    I C U, lol!!! Your on BABV. on the rooftop of the ebar botiuque

  48. Priscillaballerina31 Says:

    Happy Birthday Maxine! It is so exciting on the rare occasions that I get to see you on bearville! I was so happy to get to see you today!
    I can’t wait for new party rooms and hopefully like I suggested a new virtual ride of a bycyle built for two(red color) so my furry friend can ride with me. Maybe a mini red convertible car? Thank you for always listening to us kids! Happy Birthday again!♥♥♥

  49. SaraFuzzyBear4 Says:

    Omigosh! That is so nice of you!! I know what you mean about not being able to throw away Birthday cards. I can’t get rid of mine! They are all just so special to me! If I get the chance to go to BABW, i will try to donate some money. I can’t promise it but I will be sure to try.

  50. Lauren Says:

    What Is your Favorate Color maxne? Cause im going to get you something in you favorate color/s

  51. Kkfunbun Says:

    Happy Bear-day to you!!! I’m a day early On congratulating, and i thought that i was late!!! Well Have a happy Bear-day, and i don’t throw a single card away, i dont throw away the bags and wrapping paper too! 😀 My bear-day was a while ago…… I hope your Bear-thday is a speacil one, Maxine!!! Have a good day!!!! And celberate everyday, even if it isnt a holiday or birthday, because everyday is a specail day! Happy B-day Maxine!!!!

  52. AngelinaBearyCute27 Says:


    from AngelinaBearyCute27
    (in buildabearville)

  53. SabrinaBallerina39 Says:

    Hi Maxine, someone invited me to a sleepover on buildabearville and it’s on March 13, 7:30 p.m., the den is Gym in USA, wear pj’s and slippers, and meet me and her at the Entrance, and maybe you could ask everyone at the sleepover to be your friend?

  54. chanel4leafclover60 Says:

    I wish you a beary special birthday, Maxine. 🙂

  55. CaitlinFriendsrock1 Says:

    i love babv i wish we couldsee maxine any time happy belated birthday maxine!!
    P.S.sorry it was way passed

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