With all that is going on in the world and in the economy it is clear we need some cheer. While we all know there is no magic wand to poof away all problems, I know for sure the hug of a teddy bear can make a huge difference. I remember when I was little and I was having a tough day. Maybe my parents were not in the best mood or my sister was being weird or my friends seemed to like each other better than they liked me I would always find comfort in talking to my bear, Teddy. Maybe it was the way he looked at me—always with eye contact and always with his arms extended in true friendship. No matter what I told him he would listen and smile at me and make me see that it wasn’t so bad after all. Best of all, he never seemed judgemental. Isn’t that what the world needs now—love, sweet teddy bear love?

I am serious! I remember a song that was popularized by Coca Cola way back when—“I’d like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony.” Whenever I would hear it on the radio I would stop and sing it—I knew every word. Yes, it was an ad for soda but it was also a statement about the times. In every language Coca Cola is Coca Cola and in every language a teddy bear is a teddy bear. What I mean by that is the meaning is universal—when someone in Japan or Thailand or South Africa sees a teddy bear they know what it is for—hugging! Have you ever come in contact with a soft cuddly stuffed animal and not reached out to touch it, to hug it? IMPOSSIBLE I say. They just must be hugged! Now that we have stores in 18 countries I KNOW FOR SURE that a hug is understood in any language!

Maxine and Friends in Korea

Maxine and Friends in Korea

By the way, in a recent question in the Kidsay Trendtracker:

QUESTION: “if there were no internet, no electricity, no batteries, what toy would you play with?”

ANSWER: Stuffed animal was number one choice across all ages and genders, and a strong number one with girls 8-13 (dolls were second). )

You know from reading my prior blogs I have been moved by what our new President is trying to do to encourage people, young and old,  3 to 103, to do something extra for their school, their community, their favorite charity, their church or synagogue. Random acts of kindness and generosity—love someone, hug someone and volunteer by making the world a little better, a little more peaceful for someone. We do this in so many ways at BABW. There are all the animals we sell that benefit good causes and there are our Huggable Heroes but maybe we could use our special connections and the spirit of all of our Guests and pull together our own movement to make the world better one teddy bear hugs at a time—the love. hugs. peace movement.

Remember I was inspired by the Coca Cola song. I few years ago I mentioned to my friend Tena Clark, a song writer and producer, how powerful music has been for me and how much music has inspired me. She asked a few questions and a few months later she came to me with a song inspired by our conversation, children and teddy bears—“Let’s Talk About Love” I loved it the minute I heard it. In fact, I couldn’t stop humming the tune. I knew this could be a winner. One of those songs that will move people to do good things. To dream, to hope and to help others. We just needed the right singers to help us get the message across and to inspire our kids to do even more good stuff. We set out on a search. We asked our Guests, our friends, our associates. Believe it or not one day I was in NYC visiting the Today Show and this incredibly friendly and talented singer was there David Archuleta. I knew he was famous but he was so nice and had such a powerful voice. He even had his picture taken with me. max-and-david-archuleta-11-082 Our team agreed he would be PAWFECT! Just the person to launch the song and in time for Valentine’s Day too. While it isn’t a love song, it is a song about love—love between friends and people who value the best in others. Guess what? He said YES!!! You can listen to the song right here.

Starting this Saturday, February 14 when you donate $1 to Save the Children at any Build-A-Bear Workshop® store or at you’ll get a FREE download of the song performed by David Archeluta as a thank you! Save the Children is a wonderful organization that makes lives for kids better all around the world and we are so excited to be supporting this wonderful cause!

Plus, starting this Saturday at 8 a.m. EST you can also watch the EXCLUSIVE interview with David Archeluta on The Chloe Show at®! Learn more about him, hear him perform a little bit of the song and get a FREE virtual gift just for watching. It’s one interview you won’t want to miss! And if you’re a huge David fan like I am, you can also buy a beary cute David Archuleta tee for your furry friend to wear!

Love.Hugs.Peace to all,

Maxine love-hugs-peace

69 Responses to “LOVE.HUGS.PEACE TO ALL”

  1. linda Says:

    The song is really cool!! i can’t wait to see David Archuleta in babv. 😉

    ~lindafriendly ♥

  2. Maryanne Says:

    I want to gift this song to my children and grand children. How do I do this? It is a wonderful and inspiring song by David. I love it!!!

  3. gooddeedaday Says:

    What a great cause! I love David Archuleta and will definitely be supporting BuildABear! Peace to you all….

  4. debbie Says:

    I will FOR SURE be donating to Save the Children. It’s for a great cause and David’s voice is just amazing on the song (any song for that matter). Can’t wait for 2/14!

  5. Build a bear canzone!!!! « DavidArchuletaItalia Says:


  6. robin Says:

    Dear Maxine, Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. You picked the perfect person to sing this song. Wow, what a beautiful voice. I think it is great that David Archuleta performed this song for charity, for you, and for Save the Children. We should all work to make this world a better place and you and David are doing just that. I will buy the download for this song and get a couple of bears for presents. Thanks again.

  7. vickie Says:

    You picked the perfect person to represent love, hope, goodness, and generosity. David’s amazing voice lifts your spirits when he sings this beautiful song. Thank-you for recognizing David’s extraordinary talent.

  8. Georgeann Says:

    I love this song! What a happy, cheerful song this is and what a perfect voice to sing it! David Archuleta just seems to radiate love, peace & joy, so I agree, he is a pawfect choice for the song! I can’t wait to download it for myself! I will continue enjoying it on this site until then! 🙂

  9. David Daily [dot] com /// Your brand new source to everything on David Archuleta Says:

    […] listen to the song, “Let’s Talk About Love”, click here! You can also find more info on how to get the download of the song, all for a great […]

  10. Michelle Says:

    This song is adorable! David has such a great voice! Can’t wait to buy it 🙂

  11. Virginia Says:

    OMD! i heard it today on YT and I have fallen in lvoe all over again! It is amazing! I love it, and I am a teenager and I memorized the lyrics within 3 listens. *giggles* haha! That’s one thing I love about David, just by listening to one of his songs you can memorize it, no lyrics…he comes across so clear, unlike many of artists now-a-days who mumble the lyrics. The songs rocks, David can make anything sound amazing!!!! I love you David James Archuleta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of Love,

  12. JessieLuckyBear13 Says:

    LOL. I just finished a video for school of “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” so it is funny that you mention that. You are doing such cool things in babv, like the Love. Hug. Peace. is really inspirational. That is very true that a hug is understood in every language.


  13. Tricia Says:

    Maxine, I’m so glad that you chose David to sing the song for Build a Bear! I’ve been a fan of his since he was on American Idol last year and saw him perform last summer. He has the voice of an angel but more importantly, he always puts others before himself. I am running to the mall this weekend with my 7 yo as she is a HUGE fan of David’s AND Build a Bear! She’ll love making a bear and dressing it with a David tee shirt for Valentine’s Day! I’ll be buying a few more for her sisters too and of course donating to the Save the Children Organization while I’m there. I love David and I love the song and its message!@ Love,peace,and hugs, Tricia

  14. joie Says:

    beautiful song. thanks for choosing david to sing this song. just perfect.

  15. Lets Talk About Love! « Archuleta Avenue Malaysia Says:

    […] Maxine Clark’s blog to listen to David singing Lets Talk About […]

  16. LucyPR Says:

    I’m so glad you chose David Archuleta. He is a great role model for Kids and young teen around the world. He sings with so much feeling and the best part that it’s for a great Charity and David is all about giving.

    Fans of David (FOD)

  17. gemzcaptain Says:

    I love this song! Maxine you are the best and so is David

  18. Zeny Says:

    Very inspiring, uplifting and nice song. Great song plus great great singer equals perfect. I’m a big fan of David and this song is just prefect for him.

  19. hoosieranne Says:

    Love the song by David and I will be purchasing a bear ASAP!!!

  20. Sarah Jane Says:

    The song is beautful. It made me tear up. It’s a simple, catchy song that is easy to sing along to. But most importantly, it has meaning. I’m glad David was chosen to sing this song. He sings from the heart and he is my all-time favorite singer:)

  21. bearfun Says:

    Yeah me to!I can listen to it everyday!

  22. marcia Says:

    You chose the perfect person – he sounds fantastic singing the song. Kids all over the world will love your bears and his song of love, hugs, peace.

  23. Christy Says:

    This is so cool! David Archuleta is the bomb for singing this for charity! He is the best singer and such a good role model!

  24. David Archuleta International » Wanna hear David Archuleta’s “Let’s Talk About Love”? Says:

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  25. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    I really like David Archuleta. I think he totally should’ve won American Idol last year. He has such a nice voice! You are so lucky that you get to meet all these famous people! First Obama, then David Archuleta…Who next? lol anyway gotta go sign on to BABV!


  26. rahma Says:

    wow, what a great song!! and david sings it as amazing as usual 🙂
    and oh my god, you met him! i’m sure that he is such a nice and humble guy 🙂

  27. Kalene Says:

    Ahh! I love David Archuleta! This song is so cute!!

  28. mady Says:

    david archuleta is really the perfect choice for the song:)

  29. pixiechic Says:

    I guess this is called fate…David was destined to sing this song…Maxine, you saw David at the Today’s Show (was it after American Idol ended or the day David launched his album?) and the rest is history….Thanks, will never regret having chosen David to be the first one to record and release the song.

  30. ilovedavidarchuleta Says:

    AWW this song is so cute! David is amazing!! He’s the perfect person to sing a song for BABW 🙂 Love u David and Build A Bear!!

  31. Let’s Talk About Love - MV | Says:

    […] Read the whole story here […]

  32. DAVID-HQ.ORG | DAVID-A.ORG - Your #1 and Most Exclusive Source for Everything David Archuleta! Says:

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  33. Debbie Says:

    Build a Bear was very smart to have David sing their song. David makes any song wonderful, it is his talent, he Davidizes the song and makes it his own, that voice can do no wrong. I didn’t expect to like this song, but after watching the behind the scenes recording of this song, how can you not love any song that David sings? No one can sing and make you feel a song like David Archuleta does.

  34. Josh Says:

    I’m listening to the song as I type and by the name of bejeepers, I have to say that this song is really great! Brings back a lot of ’90’s nostalgia and I don’t know why but something about the tune gives that. This song DESERVES to be marketed with a MUSIC VIDEO ’cause it’s so GREAT.

    I want to know the composer of the song. This isn’t any kiddy-song teens will go ‘ew’ at because this is definitely mainstream material.

    Will this be in Canada?

  35. gabbyfebruary Says:

    I love the song! David Archuleta is really nice and is a great singer! I really like him!

  36. Delia Flanagan Says:

    I loved the song the very first time i heard it! Perfect for David to sing.
    You think he can include this song in his next album???? hope so….
    will he be singing this during his solo tour? hope so..hope so…

  37. daisylo55 Says:

    A very pretty song indeed and made perfect by david archuleta!

  38. GUGS A BUGS Says:


  39. David Daily [dot] com /// Your brand new source to everything on David Archuleta Says:

    […] You can find out more info on the song and how you can download it for a great cause by clicking here! Video Credit: […]

  40. briannahoneyday Says:

    the song was really good!

  41. Rene Says:

    Dear Maxine,

    I am an Associate Manager at your wonderful company BAB, and I have been a David fan since the very beginning of American Idol last season. I love that you asked David to sing this song, and I love that he said yes! Take a look at the comments so far on this behind the scenes video (I have no idea where it came from):

    I can’t tell you how much I adore working at BAB – so thank you – for all that you do to help kids and spread joy. Peace to you!

  42. Kelly Sharp Says:

    David Archuleta is my absolute favorite singer! His voice is just simply amazing! Great choice for him to sing the song! I love the song too! It’s very catchy.. and sweet!

  43. Dan Says:

    Nice song! I love it! Kinda bum that I cant get it cos there’s no BAB inmy country!

  44. Kayla Bear Says:

    I love the song! It is so good!
    I’ve never actually heard David Archuleta sing before. I didn’t watch American Idol that much last year so I didn’t really hear him. But now I did!
    On the picture of you with the two Korean Children, is that in Korea?
    My friend is from there, but she moved schools in January 😦

  45. Samantha Says:

    i like the song esp. david is the one who sing it, another hit song for david, i know that everybody gonna like it…

  46. DestinyGirlsRock10 Says:

    that’s an aweosme song

    Bear Hugs


  47. sandyartistbear4 Says:

    Thats a really good song. David rocks. 😀

  48. Let’s Talk About Love. « Shades of Grey Says:

    […] Talk About Love. 14 02 2009 The precious David Archuleta recorded a song for a Build-A-Bear, a children’s charity which goes for downloads today. Proceeds from the song will go to the […]

  49. Fitra Juliansyah Says:

    nice post…
    I really like american idols
    visit me @

  50. Rice Says:

    David is my biggest idol ever!!! I love him so much cuz he has a heart of an angel. This song is so wonderful, it really does fit him.

  51. Juliane Bubbles Says:

    I love that song!

  52. vanessafan101 Says:

    That Song Is Great It Should Be On A CD!

  53. EstherApril Says:

    Wow!He has an amazing voice!Iagree withMichael David should have won American Idol!

  54. charlotteangel307 Says:

    i think that love hugs peace was a great idea and getting DAVID to sing the theme song was a great idea. i think he shoul have oni american idol aswel. 🙂

  55. NancyMusicMaker3 Says:

    Love the song, love the video, love the ideas. I am wondering if the awesome Peace shirt worn by Scruffy Puppy in David’s video will be available someday for our furry friends?!

  56. AngelAdventureBear18 Says:

    Wow! I love that video! Was David fun to meet?

    Anyway, Happy Late Valentine day! 😉


  57. MaryKateCityStyle3 Says:

    Awesome! I love the song!How come David Cook had to win AI? Why not Daivd Archuleta?

  58. shuk Says:

    i really love this song….. the lyrics is so great…… i feel happy and feel the love of people i care about……… it’s make me happy….. plus, david archuleta is my idol….. this song just great…..

  59. Zoeygirlsrock327 Says:

    Hey maxine!, it must of been a pleasure meeting david! :). And i can’t wait to say happy Bear-thday to you!! i have a suprize for you too! i will email it to you!

  60. lyn Says:

    I just want to know if I could still download this song anytime. I hope it’s not too late. My daughter and I love this song the moment we heard it here. Much more… we love David Archuleta! You picked the right artist to sing this special Song! Thanks!!

  61. katieadventurebear23 Says:

    I love this purrfect song. It really shows the meaning of love. hugs. peace!

  62. Lilibeth Says:

    David James Archuleta is the BEST!!!!!

  63. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    Love hugs peace to you to Maxine 🙂 I am starting to write a book about BABV it’s alot about you and I dedicaed it to you so when I am finished after i proof read it i will send it to you 😀

  64. Susan Budetti Says:

    Cool. Hey, Makenzie can i call you one day?

    Friends forever,

  65. my blog Says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

  66. Sara Says:

    Is there a contest coming up i want to be in it also can i be in your AD i am a model.

  67. mela Says:

    where i can download all his songs,, “free”

  68. alexapink75 Says:

    i donate locks of hair for locks of love. i do it as much as i can. my granny had cancer and died. i still do locks of love. email me if i am able to be a 2010 hugggable hero.

  69. ajgogreen139 Says:


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