Another week has gone by and YIKES, I just realized I hadn’t written since my blog about David Archuleta. I have been so overwhelmed with the responses to our Love.Hugs.Peace efforts and David’s rendition of our song. We absolutely picked the right singer to help us kick off this special initiative. He has a heart of gold and his voice delivers what he feels. Thank you David for a job BEARY well done and thank you fans for your support of this song and the movement. David’s interview with my friend ChloeRocks goes through March 4, so be sure to see it. I have watched it over and over and over…it is my favorite Chloe Show so far! Stay tuned for other famous singers to be giving the song their magic touch and soon the details on our contest for all of our Guests who love to sing…like our own Abearican Idol!

You have all written to me about how lucky I am to meet so many famous people. I agree! That is why my name in BABV is MaxineBearyLucky. Most of all, I am lucky to have all of you as friends.

Speaking of friends, last year I made a great new friend, Charles Best. Charles is the Founder of Not too long ago, Charles was a teacher in the South Bronx in NYC and he was trying to raise some money for his class projects. Out of that need, was born. Charles taught for a few more years and then decided that the teachers of this country really needed so he left teaching to dedicate his efforts 100% to classroom teachers. Thank you Charles!

I met Charles shortly after finding through a referral from my friends at Crate and Barrel and I was hooked. He is such a great person and has such passion for teachers. I knew we would be friends and that I would devote more time and energy to seeing how BABW could help—after all, our BABV citizens are in schools across the world and they know best of all what is needed. PLUS many wonderful teachers are also citizens of BABV like my friend Kimberly Masters (KimberlyMay17). Kim discovered through BABV and now she has proposed another project. Check it out:
If any other teachers on BABV have projects posted, please let me know. I am glad to give you a plug. Maybe even get you funded through my birthday challenge which is more than half way to $60,000. My friends have been very generous and even some BABV citizens have donated their Bear Bills card cards to my challenge. That is friendship! I am hoping that in these tough economic times we can get close to my goal if not make it! Teachers deserve it.

It is hard to believe that my birthday is next week. I am excited for all the festivities. Best of all are all the designs that have been submitted to decorate my condo. Maxine ClarkCEB has never had her own condo and I am excited that now I will. MaxineBearyLucky has one but I am not the best room designer to say the least. I have some amazing condos in BABV and I have always wanted a special one…now I will have it. The contest ends tomorrow and then we will all have to vote.
There are so many wonderful designs, I am not sure how we will choose. I am excited to see who wins and that will be unveiled to me and you on my birthday:) Many of you have sent me screen shots of your design and I love them all. Remember, I don’t get to vote, YOU ALL VOTE. All details will be in the weekly Bearville News. Thank you all for your hard work and love that you put into my first condo in BABV. It means the world to me.

I have read all your comments and suggestions about adding new styles of condos. Coming BEARY soon will be that option and a whole new way to use your Bear Bills. We have listened to you and will make lots of new things available to you and buying bear credits easier via too. Your suggestions and creative thoughts are amazing! On Wednesday we will announce a special award that many of our citizens nominated us for. WOW!! We are blessed with such loyal fans and such good citizens who work hard to make BABV safe and FUN!! We could not have come so far in such a short time without you.

Almost the Bear-thday Girl!

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  1. sarahbear371 Says:

    Wow! It sounds like tons of pawsome new stuff is coming to Bearville soon! I can’t imagine what Abearican Idol would be like! In American Idol, though, Danny Gokey is my favorite!

    I decorated your condo as best as I could, but I am not hoping for myself to win; I am hoping for someone from Bearville Insider to win! I think that would be pawsome!

    I just bought all 3 vehicle cards online, and I was wondering how to do that donors choose thing if you get the cards online. Do I use the code that I used for the vehicle and enter it somewhere?

  2. AngelAdventureBear18 Says:

    I really can’t believe I furgot to introduce myself!

    Well, I’m Angel (AngelAdventureBear18) and I have been on BABV since last May and I have absolutly loved it! I used to go on Club Penguin and Webkinz, but then I found BABV and got hooked! Every time I meet you on BABV I feel so good. Not because you give out prizes, but that I really get to see you! 🙂 You are literally my hero! I love what you made fur us kids. Like I said, I LOVE BABV! WHO IS WITH ME!!!!! 😀

    Love Hugs Peace


  3. Bibibeachbear Says:

    Wow! I can’t wait till next month, sounds like we are going to have a FURBULOUS!!! Time.
    I just hope that BABV will fix the website soon. I have not been able to shop all month of Feb. I keep buying buying buying but can not shop. I have almost one hundred store credits and can not use them either. I can’t get or send mail either. And I clear my cache every night. Hopefully I can shop soon.

    Love you Maxine!

  4. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    There is so much to look forward to in BABV! I can’t wait! I’m gonna buy all three game cards, so that should be another $30 towards your goal.
    I can’t wait to see what that “new way to use bear bills” is! I am so excited!
    I’ll talk to you later! Oh, and I hope that you enjoy your winning condo design!


  5. Juliane Bubbles Says:

    Maxine, I have got an idea. Well I made my own radio show on my blog talking about whats new on BABV, putting songs, and adding events. I think that Build a Bearville should have it’s very own radio station too!

  6. megandecembear29 Says:

    Hey Maxine!
    I love your Blog! It’s awesome! ☻ So, anyway, I had an Idea for BABV. Here it is:
    We can set up a Bank. We can get an ‘allowance’ once a week/month, and we can get loans and stuff! Depending on how much money you have, that can determine your loan. You could have choices of how much you need. Let’s say, you had 100 BearBills. You can get a 1,000 BB loan, 500 BB loan, or 200 BB loan. But you have to pay it back within a month. Now, let’s say, you have 20,000 BBs. You can get a 100 BB loan, 500 BB loan, or a 800 BB loan. =] I love it! I know its kinda confusing, but i think its a beary good idea! ☻
    By the way, I see you on BABV right now! You’re AFK, though. =[ I’ve never met you when you’re not AFK. Do you think we could meet up sometime?
    Well, bye!
    BABV Addict☻

  7. 126thesite Says:

    Dear Maxine,
    I joined Build A BearVille by August 8, 08 and i absolutey love it
    I think this is a place where i can go out and shop when i am at home
    I only meet you about 4 or more times, and its amazing how we all join you LOL. Maxine keep up the uptades in BABV, can’t wait for something new


  8. linda Says:

    Wow, i can’t wait for all the new stuff coming to babv.
    -lindafriendly ♥

  9. bearfun Says:

    Hi Maxine i just met you once but it was very cool!

  10. KristinPurrincess7 Says:

    I heard on your MaxineBearyLucky that you said there will be a Abearican Idol! I can’t wait for it! I also can’t wait for the new upcoming things! 😀

  11. tweety9102 Says:

    I wish we still had safe open chat…… *sigh* We can say anything we want but cuss words and if we cuss we get muted for a little while or we say flower, beariffic or something like that. And if its mean like I hate you, or your ugly, a report gets sent to you and they get in trouble. That would be a betetr way to do it. It really is no fair that you can say whatever and we have IC and some of us and by that I mean me and alot of other people get punished for it. 😦

  12. tweety9102 Says:

    I think they should of never updated the map, it takes me longer to get where I wanna go .*Makes mad face* Stupid map! LOL! 😡

  13. tweety9102 Says:

    I think they should of never updated the map, it takes me longer to get where I wanna go .*Makes mad face* Stupid map! LOL! 😡

    hmpth. Well oh well, my dad said I’ll have to get used to it.

  14. tweety9102 Says:

    I also think we should be able to wear leggings under our skirts.

  15. waddlepalace Says:

    Happy Early Birthday Maxine!
    Kayla (Kaylastar7)

  16. AngelAdventureBear18 Says:

    Maxine, thanks so much for letting the Cy BearGuides come to my walk for cancer! 😀

  17. Patsie Says:

    Maxine Happy early birthday and check your email please.

    It says Sorry this is so late but I forgot till now I got a Build A Bear Messenger Bag on August 16th but when I got home it did not have a code attached and I really need four(or one is fine)codes for my online characters.

    I also saw you last month but I never got the gift and same with Chloe.
    I also never got a birthday hat or this months gift from you and Chloe.

  18. vanessafan101 Says:


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