I have often said that one of the best parts about being Chief Executive Bear is all the PAWSOME people I get to meet. Well, today was no exception!

It is Major League Baseball All Star Game weekend in St. Louis and many famous celebs are in town to cele-bear-ate. It is great for St. Louis and especially exciting for our BABW store at Busch Stadium where we are selling our All Star Bears like crazy!

Kids often ask me if they can be famous on BABV, be a celebrity like Chloe or Miguel or soon like our young star Itzel who won our Love.Hugs.Peace Singing contest or Jamia who will be singing the now famous song at NASA’s celebration of the anniversary of 40 years of Apollo? It always makes me smile when they ask that question and I always say, “Famous is what YOU make it. What do you believe in? What do you want to stand for in life?”

Today I met one of my heroes, a celebrity in my book for sure–Nancy Brinker. Nancy, a former retailer who trained under Stanley Marcus at N-M in Dallas, is the Founder of the Susan G. Komen For a Cure named after her sister Susan Goodman Komen, who died of breast cancer in 1980 at age 36. Through Nancy’s hard work and determination, millions of women have survived breast cancer and someday a cure will be found because she BELIEVED! Nancy’s determination to create a world without breast cancer is as she says, personal. A breast cancer survivor herself, Nancy describes the success of her grass roots global organization as a personal enlistment of every segment in society to get involved, to educate and to change policy. What started out modestly has grown to be the largest grass roots organization in the world and catapulted Nancy into many public positions including being appointed the United States Ambassador to Hungary. WOW!!

Nancy is a Midwestern girl from Peoria, IL and when you meet her, you feel like you have known her for years. She is genuine and down to earth but highly committed to her cause—now to save the world from breast cancer. What makes Nancy most down to earth is she does what she does out of passion and conviction and a belief that we can all make a difference. In my book she is every bit a hero and a celebrity. I am better for having met her today.

Next week our 2009 Huggable heroes will come to St. Louis to be honored and like Nancy, they BELIEVE! Thanks to Nancy Brinker and all of our heroes who believe that making a difference for others is the greatest celebrity of all.




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7 Responses to “WHAT MAKES A CELEBRITY?”

  1. AngelAdventureBear18 Says:


  2. crystalcute444 Says:

    That’s awesome that you can to meet a hero that made a diffrence! =]

  3. FannyRockStar Says:

    wow maxine thats pawsome! is cool if i see namncy a day… you are pawsome!! i love your blog!!

  4. JennyXpert Says:

    Today our Girl Scout Troop made pillow cases for children in the hospital with cancer.

  5. Max W Says:

    Hi Ms. Clark,

    I’m one of the 2009 Huggable Heroes. I look forward to meeting you next week. When I was 5 years old, someone I consider a “hero” told me that anyone who has the ability to help another person has the responsibility to help him or her. I think understanding that responsibility is what makes a hero and a celebrity.

    See you next week!

  6. JaredAdventure Says:

    Hi maxine! I think it would be pawsome for you to come to my blog! I’d love for you to see it because it’s all about Build-A-bear and hpw great it is. Please leave a comment if you do come that way I wil know you have been there. Hope to see you there! Bear Hugs, JaredAdventure 🙂

  7. SkyAquarius61 Says:

    That’s so great! It will be cool if I became a great celebrity. 🙂

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