This past weekend the Lady Bears of Washington University in St. Louis won their Div 3 National Title against Hope College. It was a great weekend and a great win. The girls really played well and truly won the game totally! It was a proud night. Title IX showed its true value tonight watching these strong, beautiful women play exciting basketball.

We stayed with the team and parents and celebrated their success. It was great to see the men’s team and coaches there as well supporting their team. The men were eliminated in an early round which was very disappointing having been National Champs for 2008-2009. It was a lot like the Kansas loss…unexpected and very sad!

This week it’s basketball big time in St. Louis as the Sweet Sixteen men’s games come to town. It won’t be as exciting without Kansas but many Northern Iowa fans will be in town. Great for business as the tourists also go shopping. The Zoo and the Science Center will sure to have lots of visitors who want to make bears and dinos!

Also great news is that Saint Louis University men are progressing in their CBI Tourney. They won tonight against Princeton and are maturing as a team. They are all young so lots of great basketball in their future.

I am a student of the coaching that goes on in basketball—especially college basketball. I hope these kids will look back on this learning experience as more than just sports coaching and see it as life coaching.

It is officially Spring and I think the consumer has begun to come out of their winter and economic hiatus. The malls are much busier and people are carrying shopping bags and cub condos!! Two big weekends left until Easter. Blossom bunny is a hit and I have to pick up a few extra for Easter basket gifts too. She also has the cutest outfits.

I am in NYC just for the nite and went to a dinner of some very special retailers. It was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones, especially those in the .com space. I learned a lot and look forward to meeting some of these people again soon. It is even more fun to meet people who run companies where you shop and can appreciate their products and their hard work. It is also rewarding to hear all their stories about their kids loving Build-A-Bear Workshop and

Have a great week and Hoppy Easter and have a Pawsome Passover.

Maxine and Blossomtina (my bunny)

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2 Responses to “IT’S A MAD, MAD MARCH IN ST. LOUIS!”

  1. MichaelMusicMaker3 Says:

    Hi Maxine!
    Sounds like a very exciting time you’ve got ahead of you! What an opportunity it is to see all of those high-level basketball games!
    And yes, tourism is ALWAYS a great opportunity for companies.
    Everything that Build-a-Bear Workshop and Buildabearville have done for Easter are wonderful! It really helps get us into the spirit!
    Happy Easter, Maxine. (:

  2. Maricris of Zen MamaVentures Says:

    Congratulations on the win! I can imagine how proud you are of the team. Yes, it is finally Spring. My daughter already did an early Easter shopping at Build-a-Bear workshop and she wants to go back for more! It’s true about what you say with meeting online friends in person, you get to appreciate them more because you get to know them more in a deeper level. I know I did when I met you in person. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do! A beary pawsome and hoppy Easter to you and your family!

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