Hi. I am Maxine Clark, the Chief Executive Bear of Build-A-Bear Workshop. I have the BEARY best job in the entire world.

I started Build-A-Bear Workshop in 1997Β after a long and successful career with the May Department Stores. Today we have 409 stores in 18 countries!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoy my musings on life from the Chief Executive Bear.

61 Responses to “About”

  1. EstherApril Says:

    I think your blog is pawsome because you enjoy writing.You probably don’t remember me but i am EstherApril. It would be cool if Obamas girls got on bearville! and could be special guest

    • Anita Lederman Says:

      Hello! It is the beginning of our soccer season and we have a travel team of 19 girls. We will be holding a berry important “Team Bonding” scavenger hunt at the Destin Commons in Destin, FL on Saturday February 11th. I would LOVE for the team to go to the Build a Bear on our Scavenger Hunt list. These girls are all 11 years old. There will be 4 parents walking with each group so there will NOT be young girls running all around your store. This is a TEAM BUILDING SKILLS Scavenger Hunt. At your store, they will have to build a bear and then they will be told to go out of the store and find a child to give the bear. Can you PLEASE give me a coupon for me to use to purchase 2 bears? Our funds are VERY limited. In exchange, the girls will stand outside of Build A Bear holding a poster that will say, ” WE LOVE BUILD A BEAR” and taking a photo. Please let me know. This will take place this Saturday on February 11th. We will need 2 small bears. They can be your cheapest smallest bears. Please let me know either way so I can go forward with the Scavenger Hunt itinerary.

  2. Hanna Says:

    Your blog is flippin awesome! Keep writing!

    (Your blog is one of my homepages =) )


  3. Florrey Says:

    I just read your blog and it’s a great read – your comments, your feelings and how some of your days are spent. I’m amazed that with everything you do, you find the time to write. Looking forward to reading more!!

  4. Paige Says:


    You are amazing!


  5. TrinaLuvBug(BABV name:D) Says:

    You rock Maxine! I love Build-A-Bear! and Build-A-Bearville too! I want to got to New York someday and go to the Build-A-Bear store there. I heard it’s the biggest and the best t; because it has everything!


    p.s. I hope to meet you in BABV!

  6. michaelmusicmaker3 Says:

    Hey Maxine!

    Haven’t talked to you in a while! I love your blog. You and your company-including the huggable heroes- are an inspiration to me! It’s great to know that you can find the time to do all these things for your guests. It’s pawsome lol!


    ps. I just saw you—bearylucky—on BABV yesterday and added you as a friend. Wow did I have a huge adrenalin rush. I’d never seen you in human form or bear form before. Have a great time in DC. and say hello to the President for me :p

  7. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    Hi Maxine pawsome blog

  8. ashleypurrincess112 Says:

    When will u be on buildabearville maxine?

  9. AlinaStarBear5 Says:

    Maxine Your the best heres my blog!:
    I post about Clubpenguin and Build-a-bearville.

  10. chloe Says:

    oh yeah theres….em…..uh…ok i do forget sorry

  11. kaileyangel12 Says:

    Your really Maxine! Cool!:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ if you ever come around in BABV my user is KaileyAngel11! U rock Maxine! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. marianaadorable10 Says:

    wow maxine you have a pawsome blog! please check out my bearific blog at marianaadorable10.wordpress.com and leave a comment if you wish!

  13. jaysmiley1 Says:

    wow Maxine iv bin looking for you in BABV! and here you are by the way if you go to BABV my name is JaySmiley1 8)

  14. abbiebeardiva675 Says:

    You have a WONDERFUL Blog!
    Check out mines!
    Its just full of BABV Videos,LOL(Laugh Out Loud)!


  15. hannahmay450 Says:

    hi maxine.your pawsome, i have questions :
    will open chat come back soon?
    and is their a babw store in florida?its because i’m going this summer…and i am going to go shopping spree over there..i live in chicago..and were going on car!! yikes thats gonna be a long trip…
    My bears vanilla and chocolate, rose, coffee say hi and take care

  16. LilyRed15 Says:

    Hi Maxine,

    I hope you have the best Birthday ever, my daughter and I have enjoyed every bear we have gotten from BABW and playing together on BABV for hours!! We love to trade and I will even send her a gift or two in her bear mail, she loves that. We Love all that you have done for us and all the kids in the world. Enjoy 60 and keep writing.

    You are Pawsome!!
    LilyRed15 and ChynaFluffy1

  17. kaytieadventure1 Says:

    hi Maxine,

    I think you are a pawsome person!

    I hope i can see you on buildabearville someday!

    Love Hugs Peace!

    bear hugs,

  18. chloestuffedwithfun10 Says:

    maxine?some week ends dad will not let me go on the laptop,and if there is something happening at the week end i miss it,cause dad lives in a different house.but one week end mom was really nice.i rang her up on dads home phone.she said she would get the love hugs peace emoticon for valentines day.she knows nothing about buildabear ville so i told her what to do.

  19. chloestuffedwithfun10 Says:

    when will you be online maxine?and on buildabearville Insider it said you give out light bulb hats that are for people with bright ideas.:idea:
    and why did you give out sneakers to some people in buildabear ville?
    why did you not give them to some people?and in the message you get to have the sneakers you spelt sneakers wrong.you spelt it skeakers!
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† i know what you feel like write know you feel like
    did I?oops. or more like this 😳

  20. nikkipurrincess Says:

    Hi Maxine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are awesome!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. AlinaStarBear5 Says:

    Hi Maxine!
    Let me introduce myself you…
    I’m AlinaStarBear5! I have a Blog which is also a wordpress blog. I love playing Build-a-bearville and 7 bears online and 6 in real-life. You can learn all about me by clickinghere

  22. AlinaStarBear5 Says:

    Ooops sorry!

  23. Amy Says:

    Hi, my daughter shares your birthday and got a wonderful surprise in the mail to help her celebrate. Thank you beary much. (I grew up with Stawberry Shortcake, I usually say ‘berry’ instead of ‘beary’!) I have always favoured stuffed animals over all other toys and I love taking my girl to our Build a Bear. I wish you nothing but the best on your 60th bearthday πŸ™‚

  24. chloestuffedwithfun10 Says:

    maxine!plz help.i cant put my irish spuds and beef and cabbage on my dinning table!and i tryied every table u can buy in buildabearville!help plz!is there a special table?and i really want to put my irish spuds on my table because im Irish!

  25. Missysuperstar6 Says:

    Hi Maxine!!!! I am in love with build-a-bears !! I have like seriously 50 now , No kidding!!!! Most are retired like the floppy elephant and the classic teddy from 1997 , the year i was born in . I just love them all very much and I have no favorite . But i have the recent retired now bearmey he is my travel pal he goes with me to trips like disneyland and stuff like that . Thanks for everything !!!! Missy – :):):):)

  26. destinygirlsrock10 Says:

    HI MAixne thanks you for making this blog I love it. I have 15 animals form BABW and I’ve been shoping at BABW ever sence I think 2006 is when you got it here in New Mexico. I love all of the bears they have at BABW I want to have there πŸ™‚

  27. Aaliyahgroovy4 Says:

    Hi Maxine!

    I am so glad you have so many friends and also bear friends!! πŸ˜€ On BuildABearVille, I am always waiting for you to come on!!! I really like having you as one of my friends and can’t wait until I actually see you in real life, if that ever happens! πŸ˜› Have a wonderful week!



  28. CapriAdventerous21 Says:

    HI Maxine! I enjoyed reading your blog and i think you are a very kind and special person. I don’t know if you remembered but when I was little I met you. When I think about it now it brightens my day. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Keep up the good work and stay pawsome!

  29. ~GabbyCrystal43~ Says:

    Hey there Maxine everytime i go to BABV your not there when ONE DAY when your on the den was full so I have to wait for an almost an hour but when i finally went in the den your gone :,( so I never forgave me

  30. Callie Says:

    Hiyya Maxine i tryed to find you on bearville the other day at Camp Happy Heart because a site said you were going to be there but bearville crashed and i didnt get to see you 😦 do you know if you will be on again soon and where you will be so i can see you for the first time πŸ˜€

  31. AbbieBearyLucky85 Says:

    I love your work!here is my linkhttp://myrandatroi.forumotion.com/index.htm
    i will make you an admin if ya join

  32. riyaadventerous3 Says:

    Maxine, I Like Build A Bear Workshop. I Have A Little Bit Of A Build A Bearville Blog which is also wordpress. Here I Is!

  33. Sienna Says:

    maxine when will open chat be open again… i really miss it…… my friends never really come on anymore…

  34. Jenny Says:

    Dear Maxine,

    My daughter is Build-a-Bear lover and she just got a bear for her nine years birthday and named her as “Diamond”. She said this is her best birthday present ever! Thank you so much!

    I notice there has no any store in mainland China. China can be a very big market with so many kids. I want to be a franchisee for Build-a-Bear in mainland China. Could you please take time to tell me how to do it and who I should contact with? With your product and brand and my experiences and relationship with China, I believe we can make it happen and bring happiness to Chinese kids just like to other world places.

    Thank you for your time!


    Jenny Jin


  35. RyleeRaspberry2 Says:

    Hi Maxine!!!
    I think your job is the best job EVER! When I grow up, I want to work at a Build a Bear Workshop Store! I love my bears! How many bears do you have? I can imagine a TON! Thanks!
    Look for me in BABV!
    Also look for ReinaRaspberry2 πŸ™‚

  36. AbbeyAllHeart9405 Says:

    Um… Maxine…

    You rule!… No… Rock!… Your the BEARY best worker for babw in the WORLD!!! i wanna meet ya someday…. And i look forward to… someday over the rainbow! I’m Savannah… the Savannah that asked for your autograph and you sent a BEAR!!!!! Yes… that Savannah, I’m very proud of BABW. Thanks… i think you should make at least 3 BABW’s all over the world


  37. pinkygirl275 Says:

    Dear Maxine,
    I have always emailed you questions,suggestions and ideas.
    Could you please reply me back?
    I also love BuildaBearville it gives me lot of inspiration and all sorts.
    Also please visit my blog at:
    I post about BuildaBeraville and it helps people to explore buildabearville.com.
    P.S. My buildabearvillen account isn’t this one I have on this one is just for blogging.

  38. Davidrockin Says:

    Happy birthday Maxine!! πŸ˜€

  39. buildabear_fan Says:

    hey i love buildabear so much it rocks and Maxine rules!!!

  40. Dawn Billings Says:

    Hello Maxine,
    My name is Dawn Billings and I am the CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Womens Network with over 140 locations in US, Canada, and Australia.

    Early in my career I was a family therapist and worked with parents and children and schools for over 15 years as a parenting expert. I have written 20 books and travel speaking and training for many years.

    I have created a patent pending Parenting Tool/Toddler Toy. In 2008, Oprah Magazine and The White House project selected me as one of the nation’s 80 emerging women leaders because of the scope and possibility of this project. CAPABLES are plush Toddler Toys with a purpose. This comprehensive, complete learning system helps parents to parent more powerfully and effectively and with more confidence. While having much more FUN, and much less stress. The Capables Learning System ends whining and tantrums for good and helps children to grow up to become extraordinary human beings easily, with this wonderful plush toy that children adore.

    After over 6 years in development, the first Capables just arrived and I introduce them to the public for the first time the evening of March 30, 2010 at a Parenting University in Oklahoma City, OK. I understand that you are speaking at the WE Inspire conference that same day in OKC. I would love to meet you. I sincerely believe it would be worth carving out an hour of your time to meet with me. I will work around your schedule.

    You will want to see this new and amazing tool and I think it fits perfectly with the mission, concept and heart of Buid-A-Bear. I would love to speak to you about how we could work together. I believe the Capables, the books, the parenting training and their wonderful accessories could be a monstrous new profit center for your stores.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Dawn Billings
    CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Network
    Creator of Women Lifting the World.com
    Architect of The Primary Colors Personality Test
    Creator of the NEW Parenting Tool called Capables

  41. MelissaMusicBear8 Says:

    Hi Maxine! You really should add the “Subscribe” widget – I bet lots of people would subscribe to your blog’s posts! Having a WordPress account, I can already do this, but many people don’t have WordPress accounts and would like to subscribe anyway!


  42. Joyce Says:

    Maxine, I love your blog! What do you think about mine? It’s http://joyce15.wordpress.com. I give updates on BABV! Please feel free to comment on my blog!!

  43. Bella Says:

    maxine may I send you an email on your business email when I have a charity walk to drain my bearbills to give it to a charity?

  44. TestAwesome! Says:

    Hello Maxine!
    I would like to thank you for joining my website, Bearville Place!
    You are truly an inspirational person and you rock!

  45. Jill Podraza Says:

    A friend and I opened a new company by the name of, “A Friendly Vine”. Maxine, I remember when you stood at the door of your 1st store (STL-Galleria)trying to get folks to come in and buy in to your wonderful idea, Build-A-Bear . I came in that store for you and layed out a few dollars to help you out because you asked with your heart. Can you now help me & my friend with our new company named, “A Friendly Vine”? Thank you for anything, anyone can do to help. I am sincerely asking with my heart…We’re about to fold but our cause is pure, “changing the way people think of each other by putting kindness first” & I just can’t give up on spreading kindness. Thank you Maxine …www.afriendlyvine.com
    Written by: Jill Podraza

  46. Deanna Says:

    Dear Maxine,

    I have to share this story as I took my 6 year old daughter who has Type 1 Diabetes to Build-a-Bear to intentionally donate to JDRF.

    I was very disappointed when we shopped at store #170 in Trumbull, CT today. We went there specifically because of the efforts to donate to JDRF. The cash register pin pad display prompted us to donate to another cause. When I asked the cashier if I had the option to donate to JDRF instead she said, “No that was last month.” After I left the store I double-checked this site. Went back to inform the store, they checked paperwork and said any money raised goes to JDRF…completely different answer from what I got at the check out from the same employee. The main point is, I wonder if some people like myself lost the chance to donate to a cause of choice during the month of November – Diabetes Awareness.

    We have been to Build-A-Bear at least 5 times so you can imagine that we have spent a fair amount at your stores. While I can appreciate that you are making the efforts to donate to a variety of causes, this experience has altered my view of your company.

    I have left this message at your corporate office, and online as well. I hope to hear back with how your company ensures that funds get allocated to the proper “giving” organizations when consumers donate to a cause at the pin pads in your stores.

    Deanna Behpour.

  47. ErikaCrystal6 Says:

    I love BABV and BABW!!! You are a great example to me, and I really appreciate how you reply to thousands of emails every month! I have emailed you twice, and you have not responded, so I wanted to know what the best time to reach you was πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!

  48. bruni Says:

    I think this is among the most important information for me.
    And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The site style is ideal, the articles is really great
    : D. Good job, cheers

  49. Jill Podraza Says:

    I went to the local Build-a-bear to get a personal lift by buying bears for less priviledged kids. I bought $10 coupons for $5 offered last month by Build-a-Bear. When I got to the store, I asked the clerk to look in my account to see whether I had additional savings coming to buy more bears. I was told that I had $20 more coming so I went to work seeking out bears. After at least 45 minutes of picking bears & clothing, the beary clerk began to ring my items & then swiped the coupons that she said that I had coming. Again, although they said I had $20 additional funds coming to cover bear-buying, the coupons did not work.
    The manager came to see what was going on and after 20 or so minutes decided that I did not have $20 more coming. Yes, since this was the third time this has happened to me at one of your stores, I really got fumed & told them that I would discontinue buying from Build-a-Bear.
    I LOVE the idea of having the people at the stores give us our discounts that we have grown from prior purchases. Because I am not organized enough to keep mailed or e-mailed coupons in my house. Also, since I am a huge buyer, many of these printed coupons get thrown away by others in my house (you know, budgeting)
    The problem, your computers are never updated properly; putting clerks in awkward situations with your clients and making good clients feel uneasy about buying.
    I buy to help others and, again, I’m disappointed that we had to waist an hour and a half in your store to get my coupons in line with my purchases. Also, I did not get the bears stuffed. I bought already stuffed bears so i would have been in line for too long to buy what turned out to be two bears since there was a long line for stuffing.
    Someone in your offices should be able to save money by having discounts readily available and accurate at check-out. Thanks…

  50. Jill Podraza Says:

    Maxine, did you get my e-mail on your Maxine account with my mission statement outlined for Razalton, Inc d/b/a. http://Www.afriendlyvine.com


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