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July 29, 2009

Tonight I had a special opportunity to see the Jonas Brothers in concert in St. Louis and it was a real treat. Not only did I get to go to the concert itself but the more private sound check that they do about 2 hrs before the real show.

The Jonas Bros live in St. Louis July 28, 2009-Sound Check

The Jonas Bros live in St. Louis July 28, 2009-Sound Check

BABW has been a friend to the Jonas Brothers for years now. In fact, they were on our Macy’s float back in 2004 before anyone really knew who they were. They even tell us we helped make them famous. Then as a special gift to us, they came to our 10th birthday party in October 2007 at the Saint Louis Galleria where over 5000 young women showed up to celebrate with all of us. We can spot teddy bears a mile away and we knew these guys were special from the moment we met them and they have never let us down.

Maxine and friends & Jonas Bros- October,2007 BABW 10th Birthday

Maxine and friends & Jonas Bros- October,2007 BABW 10th Birthday

Today, they have grown into consummate performers in so many ways—singing of course but it is more than that—they are genuinely nice guys with big hearts and they remember where they have come from. They also know that music acts are a dime a dozen and to get where they are they had to work very hard and they are better for it. Their music has matured and they have appeal to a broad audience. They work the entire stage for over an hour and I mean work it. They have that rare talent of being able to look every Guest in the eye or so it feels. I predict they will be a group that stands the test of time. I could grow old with them 🙂

What is also great about the JoBros is how they are helping other groups be successful now. Their opening group was 4 young guys—Honor Society. The JB’s could see this as competition
But they don’t. They know how people helped them and they want to do at least that much for others. Another lead in group was a girl band from Korea, The Wonder Girls. They were also quite good and reminded me of a modern day Supremes. Lots of soul!

I know for sure that it takes a village to raise a bear or a band and the Jonas Village is headed by their parents—Kevin and Denise Jonas and they have done a great job! Add to that their BEARY smart manager, Phil McIntire who has been very strategic and focused on the longer term, big picture. GREAT JOB!

Kids write to me everyday and ask what it takes to be a celebrity, to be famous and I think the Jonas Brothers have nailed it:

1) Be the best you can be
2) Don’t let adversity get you down
3) Be genuine
4) Listen to your parents
5) Value your friends
6)  Be nice
7) Remember where you came from and help others get there too

Talk about valuing your friends—coming in September to Build-a-Bear Workshop world wide will be an exclusive Jonas Brothers stuffed animal. It may be the softest, cuddliest animal I have ever hugged! You can dress it like the guys themselves and even add their own music. Stay tuned for details about our private launch party—first come, first served and all will get a PAWSOME gift from BABW and the JoBros.

Thanks Kevin, Joe and Nick. You are a great example for us all. We love you in St. Louis for sure!