One of our best moments at Build-A-Bear Workshop was the creation of Holly and Hal Moose. My two favorite antlered siblings, Holly and Hal Moose, are back just in time for the holidays! You may remember when “Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure” first aired on television nationwide two years ago. For Build-A-Bear Workshop®, this was the first time that our stuffed animals were brought to life in an animated feature film. This season, we welcome Holly and Hal back to TV, airing on the Hub TV Channel Tuesday, November 22 at 1pm EST and Sunday, November 27 at 9am EST.

“Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure” is one of my favorite holiday stories because it tells the tale of an unlikely sibling pair who work together to save Christmas. Their journey is an inspirational reminder to always follow your dreams-no matter how big they may seem.

Holly Moose the level-headed inventor, always helping her younger brother on his latest adventure.

Much like Holly and Hal, I too dared to dream big and the result was Build-A-Bear Workshop. When I was growing up, my family told me I could be whatever I wanted to be- no matter what! That mentality stuck and I have always been a dreamer. Originally, that dream was to be a lawyer. I only took my first job in retailing to save up the money to go to law school. Of course, while at the May Department Stores Company I found my true calling. Several years later, when I left Corporate America, I still didn’t know what company I would create but I never stopped dreaming the dream supreme.

I am reminded of a quote I once saw though I could not find the name of the writer–it guides me today:
“If you can live your imagination, your life will be a dream come true.” My life is a dream come true!

Each of us are born with certain gifts that help us turn talents into passions and develop our own worth ethic. It starts by believing you can truly achieve whatever you set your mind to. Many people get so caught up in what they can’t do that they don’t know about how much they can accomplish. Focus on the positives. You alone are responsible for creating your own success, so don’t let outside forces limit your possibilities. I never put restrictions on my vision, nor did I let the way others made or sold stuffed animals stand in my way. Instead, I allowed myself to dream of this unique business going from one store at the Saint store at the Saint Louis Galleria to something that could be as huge as I thought it could be. My dream eventually came true, and yours can to – believe in yourself.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for all those people that inspired me to be all that I can be. As the holidays draw near, let Holly and Hal be your inspiration that anything you dream is possible. Be sure to catch “Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure” on the Hub TV Channel to relive their exciting journey filled with friends and fun. You can also buy the DVD online at buildabear.com or at a local store that sells DVDs! I know I will be watching as this dynamic duo once again let their imaginations run wild to create the perfect Christmas adventure.

Heartfelt Holiday Hugs,

P.S. A special thanks to Mrs. Adams, my inspiring high school journalism teacher who taught me the power of imagination and believing in yourself. Your determination and creativity is a very special part of Holly Moose!

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